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10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2018

A huge spectrum of plugins for any needs is one of the main reasons why WordPress has become so popular over the last years. However, such a great number of plugins has its disadvantage. It is not that easy to find the best WordPress plugins.
Fortunately, there is no need to go far. Many of free solutions can be found in WordPress Plugin Catalogue. There are plugins for additional functionality like protection strengthening, social networks integration, reserve copy and many more.
Here are the best WordPress plugins for the year 2018. There are 14 of them and every website`s owner or a developer should take a closer look at them. To cut it short, let us see the plugins, which are about to render invaluable assistance!


for one third of all websites of electronic commerce, WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for those who could like to create an online store. This plugin of electronic commerce allows selling a wide range of physical and electronic goods throughout the world. It also includes a huge extension library with different price categories.
Now, in accordance with the USA population query, 51% of people prefer shopping online, which is why it always pays to prepare a base for the future success.

Key peculiarities:

  • Integration with a wide range of extension and plugins.
  • Different payment methods.
  • Friendly structure for developers.

Recommended for:

Website owners or developers who want to sell their products or services through WordPress website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO takes the lead of the best plugins for WordPress in the sphere of SEO optimization; it was developed for helping in publishing high quality content optimized for SEO purposes. As long as SEo environment always changes, it is very important to have an excellent plugin at hand, which will help to stay in the know of what is going on.
Yoast SEO with help of unique system clearly shows how your content will interact with search engines. In addition, it estimates readability of your text, thus, not search engines are going to be happy only but also readers.
Yoast SEO is totally free but there are premium versions with prices that start from $69.
Key peculiarities:

  • Analyzes pages and records of WordPress and finds what was missed out in SEO.
  • Updates results of analysis of the page right after the corresponding changes in SEO.
  • Creates navigation chain in compatible WordPress themes.
    Recommended for:
    For those who want to win the upper lines of the most popular search engines.

W3 Total Cache

A slow site has deleterious influence on your traffic and sales correspondingly. In order to deal with it, it is required to use plugin for cash such as W3 Total Cache. Briefly, this plugin saves version of your website on computer of a visitor, which makes loading if repeated visits of the site faster. It is a serious tool fighting a slow speed of loading especially due to increased using of mobile devices in 2018.
Key peculiarities:

  • Compatible with many hosting platforms and servers.
  • Caching majority of WordPress elements.

Recommended for:

Website owners of all the directions, who want to make their website faster.


Jetpack is a plugin for WordPress developers, which helps to get more traffic, protect your website, follow its productivity and many more. It contains many modules, which you can activate of your own free choice.
Jetpack main functions are entirely free. However, premium version of this plugin provides with an opportunity of reserve copy and additional layers of protection together with many other functions.
Key peculiarities:

  • Analyzes and comes up with a website`s statistics.
  • Protects your website.
  • Provides with monitoring of your website working time.
  • Allows visitors to interact with you through social networks, improved system of commentaries and stylish forms of feedback.
    Recommended for:
    If you need a plugin with a great number of functionality in one set, Jetpack would be a perfect choice. .

Keyy Two Factor Authentication

It is a usual thing to hear about vulnerability online and tampering attempts, which is why it is very important to use reliable methods of protection of your website. Multi-factor authentication is one of the most popular methods, which allow to confirm your personality with the help of a mobile device. Keyy Two Factor Authentication plugin is one of the best accessible solutions.
After installation, the plugin will allow you to enter your WordPress control panel using your smartphone. Also, you will need to download a special application where you will be able to create PIN code or register your fingerprint. Entering a control panel, just open an application and direct your phone onto the code, which appears on the screen.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker looks for links, which may lead to error 404 to appear on your website. It is very important as long as search engines may champ sanctions onto your website for a big number of missing or broken links.
After installation, plugin will do a search of broken links and provide with a report in the panel of control. Further, you can either edit the links or hide the notification. Checking might take longer time for bigger websites but you can check the progress of the search through control panel.
Key peculiarities:

  • Provides with broken links search on the website.
  • Notifies of all the errors both through electronic message or in the control panel.
  • Does not allow search engines to follow broken links.

Recommended for:

Those who want to optimize their websites and make sure their websites have high positions in the rating of the search.

Contact Form 7

Forms of feedback are key elements for communication with your visitors and potential customers. Contact Form 7 is the best solution for creation of one or a few user forms for your WordPress website.
Contact Form 7 design makes the working process with comments, suggestions and other messages very simple. In addition, with CAPTCHA, Akismet and Ajax options, your personal information will not become accessible for everyone and your mailbox will remain free of unnecessary spam.
Key peculiarities:

  • Allows to manage several forms of feedback on WordPress.
  • Suggests an opportunity to set up a form of feedback.
  • Helps to prevent from spam with help of CAPTCHA and Akismet

Recommended for:

Websites` owners, who want to place stylish forms of feedback on their websites without losing functionality and decreased security.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

Taking into account a competitive character of business dealing online, analytics monitoring of your website is a compulsory condition for business development. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin will help to shed light on activity of your website directly through WordPress control panel.
The process of installation is simple and after it is done, you will find a separate panel on the screen of WordPress. Despite the fact that there are many other plugins, GADWP presents more stylish design together with a big number of indications for following up. It is perfect for those who want to get as much information as possible without additional plugins.
Key peculiarities:

  • Gathers visitors’ data in a real time environment.
  • Follows up the important events of the website.
  • Suggests access to certain Google Analytics reports.
    Recommended for:
    Internet-marketing specialists and websites` owners who need to follow indications of their websites in a real-time environment.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a complex plugin for your WordPress protection from the wide circle of online threatens. It is probably the most popular plugin for WordPress protection, which provides invaluable help fighting for the latest security threatens.
There is a threaten protection, which is updated on a regular basis and protects your website with new rules of fire wall of web-applications. (WAF), hostile program signatures and many more. Moreover, there are functions, which may set up black and white lists of IP-addresses, automatically block users and countries, let alone in its premium plan it provides with multi-factor authentication for all users.
Key peculiarities:

  • Defines and blocks online threatens.
  • Presents with constant monitoring of your website.
  • Works with constantly updating database of hostile programs.
    Recommended for:
    Practically everyone, who wants to protect one`s website from all kinds of threatening.

Imagify Image Optimizer

Despite the fact that the speed of loading was an important factor for many years, this fact has become even more important in 2017 due to using mobiles devices. Oftentimes, oversized images are the main reasons why a website is slow. This is why using such plugins as Imagify Image Optimizer will be much of help in making a page smaller and time for loading correspondingly.
This plugin is entirely automatic. It checks and optimizes any image in media WordPress library. However, there is a limit for number of optimized images in a free version.
Key peculiarities:

  • Squeezes images based on three algorithms.
  • Restores an image into previous condition after its being deleted.
  • Automatically optimizes in Media Library.
    Recommended for:
    Those who worry upon slow website loading. Also, if you have a big collection of images for a website, Imagify Image Optimizer is an excellent choice.

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