10 Point Checklist: Essential WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

WordPress is a perfect choice for beginner bloggers, large website owners and business or corporate websites alike. Due to its flexibility it scales perfectly for any kind of website and allows you to equip your website with the right set of tools and functionalities. However, the “right set” of tools differ from site to site and from blog to blog. Depending on the type, purpose and audience of your website, the functionality you’ll need may greatly differ. You’ll have to figure out what will work best for you and your audience needs.

If you search the web you’ll find pretty extensive amount of collections, tips and round ups of plugins for different website types. Here is my selection of 10 essential WordPress plugins that come in handy for business and corporate websites. Check your website for these plugins, and if it lacks any of them , take you pick without further ado.
On with the list!

Google Analytics WD

Analytics are crucial for business websites. Google Analytics WD lets you access all your GA reports without leaving your website. It has a very user-friendly and organized interface which makes it easy to view the reports and adjust the tracking and reporting settings. The plugin gives you detailed and valid reports on your website audience, performance, sales stats, user geo locations, as well as, AdSense and AdWords accounts. However, if there are specific metrics and dimensions you’d like to track that are not reported automatically, you can set custom reports and access them from the plugin’s reporting page right away. Also, you can track targeted activities by setting and managing goals, and track custom dimensions for logged in users, specific posts, authors, tags, categories, etc. The plugin allows you to compare reports with each other based on periods, and export them to CSV or PDF files.


WordPress Google Maps

Add unlimited responsive Google Maps to your website with Google Maps WD. The plugin supports all the essential Google maps styles, layers, controls and overlays, and allows you to make all the necessary customizations to have them look the way you want. The maps come with store locator and get directions functionalities, which will help you website visitors easily find nearby store locations, and get route suggestions to arrive at any destination. Google Map WD comes with the built-in icon maker that you can use to add custom markers on the maps and features advanced marker listing options that allow you to list the markers as a legend within the maps.


WordPress Form Builder

WordPress Form Maker plugin allows you to add various kinds of forms to your website with individual form and content customization. The fields you can add to forms are way too many, such as password protected fields, custom and country select, checkbox fields for multiple choice questions, time and date picker field, etc, which basically allow you to obtain any kind of information. There are 41 editable form themes available and the plugin’s CSS is open for further adjustments for various form designs.Also it has a searchable submissions section, to help you easily manage the submitted forms. The forms are responsive and perform at their best on any device.


Zendesk Chat

Businesses that provide live support to their customers build better connections with them and have higher chances to increase their revenues. With Zendesk online chat plugin you’ll be able to monitor your website and reach out to your visitors whenever they need any help. It allows you to add mobile friendly and highly customizable chat widgets to your website and provide real time support to your visitors. Moreover, you can run multiple chats at once from the plugin’s user-friendly dashboard. It’s advanced analytics system allows you to monitor user flow and user patterns, and jump in when a customer needs help on your website.



With AddToAny you’ll not only get the social sharing help you need, but also tons of configuration options to get the most out of your shares. The plugin comes with various types of sharing and following buttons, and lets you place them before, after content, or before & after content. You can place the buttons using shortcodes or as a widget. AddToAny is analytics integrated which lets you display share counts and track your social shares.

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All in One Security & Firewall

All in One Security & Firewall plugin adds an extra security level to your website and helps you keep you files and data safe out there. It monitors your website for vulnerabilities, and uses an outstanding grading system to measure how well you website is protected. It comes with a password checking tool to let you create strong login passwords, and detects identical user accounts that you have on your website. The plugin monitors users’ activities and protects you against brute login attacks. Also, it comes with a powerful firewall functionality that stops malicious scripts before they even hit your server or website code.



OptinMonster comes with a powerful form builder which lets you create highly converting opt-ins and pop-ups. You can create various types of responsive forms, including pop-up, floating bars, slide-ins,after post forms, in-line forms, and make the required customizations to have them best fit your needs. The plugin features advanced exit-intent technology, that helps you track mouse behavior and display the forms at the right moment. Also, OptinMonster comes with a powerful A/B testing functionality to let you figure out which of your forms, headings, styles or colors work best for your website.


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best tool to choose for the proper optimization of your website. It basically helps you to write a keyword rich content, by making sure you use it everywhere throughout your website. It also checks your post headings for length, keywords, image alt tags, meta descriptions and reminds you to enable pretty permalinks along the way. With its snippet preview feature it shows you how your posts or pages will appear in search results.



UpdraftPlus will help you to backup your website’s files and database and restore them easily at any time. The plugin supports multiple cloud storage options, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects,etc, and allows you to have both manual and scheduled backups. It is able to migrate backups from other plugins, and automatically resumes failed backups until they are finished. You can select which files to backup and which ones to restore later. Also, you can split large backups into multiple archives. The best thing about it is that you control all your backups from a single dashboard.



With Relevanssi you can replace the default searching functionality of your website with a more powerful one. As a result you’ll have better search results and better customer satisfaction.The plugin comes with lots of configuration options to help you provide the most relevant search results. One of its best features is that it supports fuzzy matching if complete words don’t match, and highlights the search terms in the results. Also, it provides Google style “Did you mean” suggestions based on successful user searches, or in case there is a misspelling in search terms. Another its strength is that it searches for results throughout your website, including comments section, tags, categories, custom fields, etc.


These high quality WordPress plugins will be a great addition to your business website and help you easily manage it. Also, they bring a lot of features necessary to run a functional modern website. If you have other plugins in mind for business websites, let us know in the comments below.

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