4 Powerful WordPress Design Tips

Every time a customer visits your website, he flips through another site in just a few seconds! Have you ever thought why this happens?

Customers are definitely looking for quality content, but what is that one thing that fails to capture their attention and induces their gut feeling to shift to another site. It is the design of your website!

If your website design fails to pass muster, then customers will never read words on your site. So, how can you invite customers to your site and let them stay there?

Let’s dig out more details about it…

Customers are Self-Centered!

4 Powerful WordPress Design Tips

Customers do a search just to get benefits for themselves. They are interested to know what you can offer them and what you can do for them.

When a visitor hits your website or homepage then first noticeable sight is the website design. For fraction of first few seconds, he would just glance at the site’s design and then move to your content, headlines, and images.

Designing an engaging, enticing, and an appropriate website design for your customers is not difficult. It only needs some efforts and smart work. So, while you are ready to put in all those hardcore efforts, we will share with you some smart tips that can help you get a site design that is impressive enough to make your customers click and stay on your site.

1.Work on Your Color Palette

A rich color palette works as an opportunity to invite customers to the world of colors that they would remember. In fact, colors can deliver subliminal effects, which sometimes words are not able to showcase.

You can create a rich color palette by focusing on two core aspects:


  • Define a limited color choice – Besides the dark grey or black text, try to select and use only two main colors for your website design. A consistent use of these colors throughout every page of your website will help to create a memorable effect.


  • Pick Wisely an Accent Color – It is possible to draw the attention of your customers by using two main colors with an accent color that is exclusive to your color selection. Trot out the accent color to draw maximum attention to a button you want users to click, or an offer you want visitors to avail.

2.  Add Volume to Site’s Design with Great Fonts

Definitely, you need to put in some more efforts to set up custom fonts on your website, but they are worth it!

An elite font selection would enhance the persona of your brand. This would make your site’s design more appealing and your website more believable. Most importantly, custom fonts give your website an edge over other site’s designs. It can make your site stand out as you would break from the regular stereotype of using Times Roman, Arial, and Verdana fonts, which is used in most of the website designs.

You can get custom fonts for your WordPress website from a third-party site. Alternatively, you can spend some funds and use the paid online services to get unique and exclusive fonts for your site. In another case, you can use the Google Font API tool, which is available for free on the internet.

3. Let the Images Speak Out Your Offerings

Finding images that perfectly complement your content is worth giving a try!

For example, Flickr offers free source like Creative Common image that can help you use images. But do read their license carefully before use. Other than this, there are numerous cost-effective paid resources available online that can help you create truly impressive images for your site.

Once you get such images you can then edit them, crop them, customize and combine them to give it a personal essence of your website design and content. Make sure you fine-tune the images while adding them to your site by resizing them, balancing the resolution, and making them keep looking good.

Besides striking attention and effective communication, these images must ensure that they do not affect the loading speed of your website.

4. Create Readable Pages by Formatting Words and Efficiently Using White Space

Spraying cluster of words on your webpage and let them lie there is not going to make a difference. Organize your content into an attractive and readable format with subheads, bullet lists, and small paragraphs.

You can use the formatting bar from WordPress to enhance the content. While the introductory paragraph must be inviting, the breaking paragraphs must be engaging and informative.

Also, to visually drawn your users it is important to make effective use of the white space. Appropriate use of white space can highlight or compress your site’s design elements. Even this would offer your visitors an easy way out to the content so that they stick around and read it.

Hopefully, these website design tips would help! Just keep the site’s design uncluttered, readable, and elegant. Customize the style with the use of fonts and colors. While images can create a difference, but only when they complement your site’s content and speak out volumes. Do check the final format of every webpage before the final launch.

These little efforts are worth giving a try. You will notice the difference yourself once you will start receiving high traffic and loyal customers for your site!

Hermit Chawla

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on office interior design, Lifestyle Design, Website Designing Company, Exhibition design etc..