4 Tools that Increase Newsletter Subscriptions Abundantly

4 toolsHaving an informative, well planned newsletter is of no use if you don’t have people to read it. To get people to read it, you need to build a robust email list where your site visitors choose to submit their email ids in lieu of getting the chance to read such value-added newsletters. But does a first time visitor know how to subscribe for your newsletter if you don’t invite him/her with a well timed, enticing popup?
Several studies have shown that people treat their email inboxes as sacred spaces. No wonder they are very careful about who they invite to it. Yet, emails are the most effective among marketing tools as people read them and often take actions too. That’s why there’s a mad scramble among marketers to get as many email subscribers as possible. If you plan to grow your newsletter subscriptions by 3X, you have to focus your efforts to obtain email subscribers.

How to do it?

An enticing, well placed opt-in form is your best bet. You can take your pick from various positions as:

    • Above the Header: This is ideal if growing your newsletter subscriptions by 3X features on your top priority list. After all, you would surely want this to be the first thing that people see after they visit your website.
    • Inside the Header: This too is a good position that will get tons of impressions as it’s easily noticeable.
    • A Feature Box: Though this is usually used to draw attention to some of your most popular or the best posts, you may even use it to put emphasis on your opt-in form instead.
    • Top of the Sidebar: Despite the fact that the top-right corner of a sidebar being considered by many to be a blind spot, you can use it to place an opt-in form. However, you should make it stand out by using some design features (like specific colors).
    •  At the Center of Your Post: This is a good idea as you already have the reader’s attention. When the person is halfway though, you can gently remind him/her to subscribe to your list.
    • At the End of Your Post: This too is a good location as you aren’t interfering with your reader while s/he is browsing your content, but yet reminding to subscribe as s/he is finishing reading.
  • The Footer: This can be a great way to capture those visitors who scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen as soon as they land on your page. Since your footer opt-in form will be visible on each page, you can rest assured of people noticing it, especially the curious or engaged ones.
  • Lightbox Pop-up: Though dreaded by many, the conversion rates for sign-ups through these popups are significantly high for them to be ignored.
  • Signatures (Email, Forum Etc): From putting a link in your email signature and profile signature (on a forum where you are an active participant) to putting it each time you sign off in a communication gives you the opportunity to promote your newsletter subscription list.
  • Social Media Pages: You can drive some potential newsletter subscribers via your social media accounts. Simply add links to your Facebook profile or Twitter Bio. You may even use iFrames to design an actual opt-in form on your Facebook fan page.

Need help with design ?

1. ConvertPlug

This is an all-in-one WordPress popup plugin  comes with every must-have features that you would require to increase your newsletter subscription. Some of the major pop-ups offered by ConvertPlug are exit intent, after scroll, time delay triggers etc.
With ConvertPlug, you can display your opt-in in every possible position as described below.

  • Modal pop-up: These pop-ups appear whenever visitors click on a button, image or text link.
  •  Info-bar top: You can place the opt-in form at the top of your page.
  • Info-bar bottom: When visitors complete reading your valuable content, you can gently ask them to subscribe for future newsletters.
  • Modal full screen: It compels your visitors to have a look at your enticing offer that they’ll get in lieu of newsletter subscription.
  • Sticky box left: The opt-in form appears from left side of your page. When it’s closed by a visitor, it remains on the left side of the page with a tag named “Subscribe” that allows the visitor to subscribe later.
  • Sticky box right: Here the subscription form appears from the screen’s right side. Other functions are exactly the same as above.
  •  Slide-in left: The opt-in form appears sliding from the left side of your screen.
  • Slide-in right: The subscription form appears from the right side of the screen.
  • Widget box: You can use the customized widget box, containing your opt-in form, alongside any popular content.
  • After post: It allows you to place the opt-in form at the end of your content.
  • Inline header: With this, you can embed the subscription form inside a post, after a post, or simply anywhere else.
  • Banner box: Here, the opt-in form is kept in a banner box that appears when visitors reach the bottom of your page.

Price: ConvertPlug can be yours to use for just $21. You can extend the support period from 6 months to 12 months by paying an additional amount of $6.30.

Here is a Case-study which proves that, ConvertPlug is an excellent option. Ivailo Durmonski used only 3 features from the list and observed an increase in subscribers by 412%. He used modal popup with exit intent, Slide-in, After Post and Widget section.

Modal popup:


Widget section:

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best solutions to increase your newsletter subscription list. With some specifically created lightbox popup form templates that allow you to generate customized opt-ins, you can rest assured of tripling your newsletter subscription in no time.

Opt-in form display positions are extremely significant for increasing your subscriber list. OptinMonster provides you with eight form types as described below.

  • Lightbox popup: Exit intent enabled lightbox popup gives you one last chance to request your visitor to subscribe. These pop-ups come with some unique characteristics like visibility, prominence and a clear CTA.
  • After post/In-line: You allow the visitors to subscribe only after they’ve finished reading your content and are interested in subscribing.
  • Floating bar: With the help of floating bar, you can always display the opt-in form. It stays visible wherever your visitors move.
  •  Slide-in: Here, the opt-in form has a sliding appearance. You can determine the side from which the form floats onto the screen.
  •  Mobile opt-in: This becomes especially useful when a significant number of visitors access your site from mobile devices. The mobile only pop-up help the visitors to subscribe for your newsletters even when they are on the move.
  •  Sidebar: Here, the subscription form is kept at any side of the page.
  • Canvas: With canvas, you can display customized things, like social media profiles, product links, shareable links – simply anything you feel is relevant to the content, within the popup box.
  • Full screen: Full screen takeover form is one of the best options to increase your subscriber list. You can determine when to display it – the time when a visitor opens your site, or intends to leave.

Price: This feature packed plugin comes at a price of $49/year or $9/month. However, if you want to access all features, you’ve to pay $199/year.

After using Optinmonster, RazorSocial found an increase in conversion by 520%. They used Lightbox popup.

3. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the most user-friendly plugins to increase your newsletter subscription list. With this plugin, you can quickly develop and deploy your opt-in forms and start adding to your list.

Thrive Leads is a combination of all kinds of opt-in forms that you would need to compel your visitors to subscribe. With the help of simple drag-and-drop editor, you can create perfect designs for your opt-ins.

This an all-purpose email list building plugin allows you to place your opt-in in six different positions as given below.

  • Inline forms: It allows you to insert your opt-in form simply anywhere using a short code.
  • Popup lightbox: You can grab the visitor’s attention by displaying unblockable opt-in popup with some enticing offer above your content.
  • Slide-in: Less disruptive than pop-ups, the opt-in form slides into the page from a corner.
  • Sticky ribbon: Here, the opt-in form is kept in a ribbon type box that is displayed at the top of your page. It remains sticky as visitors scroll down your page.
  •  2-step opt-in form: It helps you to get some highly engaged visitors’ subscription for your newsletter. Here, you let your visitors show their interest in your product/service first and then ask them to subscribe. The opt-in form opens only when the visitors click on a link, button or image.
  • Opt-in widget: You can place the opt-in form alongside your content, or on the sidebars.

Price: Thrive Leads is available in three pricing categories – Agency License ($399/year), Unlimited Sites ($97 one time) and Single Site License ($59 one time).

Robbier Richards (www.robbierichards.com) saw a drastic increase in 60 days. 1,124 of email subscribers increased with the help of a sticky ribbon.

4. Leadpages

Leadpages helps you to develop stylish opt-in forms within a couple of minutes. You can easily launch leadboxes (pop-ups with opt-ins) from a link, button or image on your site.

You can create your own design in a few minutes from the vast collection of pre-made templates made available by Leadpages. All these templates work as beautifully on smartphone screens as they do on desktop monitors. With the help of drag-and-drop feature, you can insert buttons, texts, images and even widgets in these opt-ins. With Leadpages, you can capture opt-ins wherever your visitors carry their phones. Through an automated SMS text conversation, your visitors can sign up for your newsletter.

With Leadpages, you can place your opt-in at various positions as mentioned below:

  • Ribbon opt-in: Here, the opt-in form is kept in long stripes that are placed at the top or bottom of your page.
  •  Lightbox opt-in: With more than 60 templates, you can be assured of a growing subscriber list.
  •  Widget opt-in: Though mainly used in sidebars, these can be used in any widget area too (e.g. in footer).
  • Post footer opt-in: Here, the opt-in form is kept in the footer of your page.
  •  Slide-in opt-in: You can choose your opt-in to appear from four different positions (top right and left, bottom right and left).
  •  In content opt-in: The opt-in form automatically appears within your content.
  • Scroll mat opt-in: You can make your opt-in form to appear full screen.
  • Content locker: With the help of Lead short codes, you can hide your premium content, which will be available to visitors only after they’ve subscribed.

Price: Leadpages pricing is divided into three categories – Standard Annual ($25/month), Pro Annual ($40/month) and Enterprise Annual ($67/month).

In case of John Corcoran, by using Leadpages he saw increase in ROI, in the form of 583% increase in leads within 8 months. He used a light box optin form to get this increase.


After thought…

Depending on what features you are looking for your opt-ins to have and your budget, you can take your pick from these tools to grow your newsletter subscription list threefold with lightning fast speed.

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