5 Best Social Media WordPress Plugins

Is there a better way to attract to and engage visitors on your website than social media ? Well, probably no.With such a huge number of social media users there is a great possibility that most of your targeted niche readers are online and have accounts on at least some of the major ones.

This is the reason behind the ever growing number of social media plugins. There are thousands of them, offering both services: bringing social media accounts to your website, and social sharing, that is taking your content to the social media platforms.
I’ve tested and used a lot of social media plugins and came up with a short list of the most prominent ones.I have previously shared with you 5 Best WordPress plugins to better manage your blog, in this post I’ll introduce 5 of the best social media WordPress plugins that offer advanced functionalities and stand out from their counterparts.

Facebook Feed WD

Although new to the WordPress family, Facebook Feed WD has already gained a great deal of popularity. It is an advanced tool that lets you integrate various Facebook group/page/profile feeds to your website with ease. You can display photos, events and other content from any public group, page or profile and take full control of how the feeds look like in your posts. The content of the feeds is constantly updated based on the time interval you set in the feed settings. You also select which post types to show in the feed and choose one of the three available post update options: add new ones remove old, add new ones keep old, and no update.

facebook feed WD

There are tons of lightbox configuration options, such as show image info and comments, post likes, filmstrip and fullscreen views, image description and shares, etc. For comments and events display there are also wide range of customization options. The timeline content is displayed in a beautiful blog style view, but if you choose to showcase specific content such as photos, videos or events, there are also masonry, thumbnails and album views available.


Instagram Feed WD

If you want to display multiple instagram feeds on your WordPress blog with personalized style and design, Instagram Feed WD is the best tool to go with. It is the most functional Instagram related plugin I’ve come across so far. What it basically does, is bringing Instagram feeds based on public accounts and hashtags to your blog and enables you to display them in Thumbnail, Masonry, Blog style and Browser layouts. The plugin allows you to fully configure feed settings according to your needs, such as setting a feed theme, display type , image sorting options, image data, user data, etc.

Instagram Feed

Choose the on click options for images: redirect them to the image account in Instagram or open in the lightbox. By the way, the lightbox settings are also fully adjustable. Instagram Feed WD plugin comes with a stand out conditional filters option,which allows you to filter the displayed images based on the defined conditions. You set the filter, choose whether it is a hashtag, username, mention, description or Instagram media link and select which combination of the results to display. This is a great option to display only specific content most relevant to the interests of your readers.



Want to share your website content across major social media platforms? AddToAny is the best choice. It is the most popular social sharing plugin in the WordPress directory with hundreds of thousands users. It enables you to add social sharing and following buttons to your website and share your content on over 100 social networks. The social buttons are fully mobile optimized and retina-ready and come with various placement options.

banner-1544x500 (1)

You can set custom icons for the buttons and even enhance their style and design by adding a couple of CSS or Javascript codes. The plugin supports share counts and is integrated with the Google analytics to enable you to track the shared links. The buttons can be placed anywhere on your blog with the shortcode or displayed with a widget within the layout of your blog theme.



When we speak about social sharing plugins we can’t simply miss out Monarch. It is the most advanced social sharing plugin that takes sharing to the next level. Over 20 social networks for social sharing and 35+ networks for social following to choose from, 5 different locations to place the share/follow buttons, 6 automatic pop-up and fly-In triggers, tons of style and customization options- this is what Monarch comes with.


The buttons are responsive and doesn’t affect your website speed, as Monarch caches your share and follow counts. You can configure all of your display settings from the WordPress dashboard and take full control over the stats and data. It provides a precise analytical data that can be accessed at any time.



SumoMe is not a simple social media plugin. It is a bundle of various tools that will help you grow your website traffic, email list, social sharings, readership, and website engagement. Email list builder, social share,contact form, welcome and heat maps, smart bar, scroll box, image sharer and highlighter are the tools you’ll get with SumoMe.

The plugin is integrated with Google analytics and enables you to track your growth and see how’s your website doing. It’s truly awesome that you can see how many people are on your website at the moment, where they came from,what are the most popular posts and pages and other data to get a clear view of what’s going well and what’s not. All of the tools are mobile optimized to ensure equal access to them from all kinds of devices.
If you appreciate the benefits that social media can bring to your website these super advanced WordPress plugins can help you get the most out of it. I mentioned plugins that target different social media networks and functionalities so that you can take the right pick for your website.
Are there other social media plugins that you find useful as well ? Don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

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