5 Reasons You Should Include Visuals in Your Blog Posts

TextVsVideoPNG1-1140x457It comes as no surprise that images and other visuals are a great source of traffic that can increase engagement and content consumption. The usage of different types of visuals in blogging has proved to produce fascinating results. For example, articles containing images get 94% more views than the ones without supporting visuals. Visual content also drives engagement and integrating visuals to your blog will have huge returns in terms of blog and content success.

The latest shift to using more visual content including images, videos, infographics, presentations and screenshots has been the primary strategy to get more outreach and engagement. If you still wonder what benefits visuals can bring to your blog or website, I recommend checking out the points presented below.

1. We are “visually wired”

It’s true. All of us love visuals. They have the capability to grab attention and trigger our interest. Besides, scrolling through a number of images is much more interesting than reading large blocks of text. Images, videos and other visuals are better at transmitting information and can save us a lot of time.


2. More views, more engagement

Visuals are great at attracting and engaging visitors. As I have mentioned above, posts with visuals get more views, likes, comments and sharing than the others with plain text. Engaged visitors are the key to your content success and can provide a valuable insight on which piece of your content works and which one still needs improvement.
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3. Support for the text or material

Visuals are not only used to transmit information but also to provide supplementary material to better serve your blog visitors. For example, if you’re trying to introduce a product or service, a short introductory video would be more useful for your visitors than a long written step by step using guide or introduction.

4. Identity building

90% of the information that gets to our brain is through visuals. That’s why using a plenty of visuals on your blog will help you to build identity and build a great community around your blog. Once your visitors identify your blog it would be easier for you to build a trustworthy presence and gain active and loyal readers.

5. Preference for images over text

As the technology has undergone major changes over recent years, so did the ways we perceive information. With the shortage of time that all of us seems to experience, we tend to give preference for the information that is easier to grasp and analyze. That’s the most probable explanation for such a huge popularity of visuals and the fascinating results they can bring.

Nowadays, when images and other types of  visuals are favored over the text, it is highly important to embrace their power and get the most out of them.

I’ve tried to shortly present the advantages that visual content can bring to your blog and in what ways using visual content can be beneficial. If you’re not using relevant visuals on your blog yet, it’s the high time to get started.

I would really like to hear from each one of you, if you have any comments or questions to ask.

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