5 Steps To Setup an eCommerce Website with WooCommerce

5 Steps To Setup an eCommerce Website with WooCommerce

With 60 million installations, hosting to popular websites, excellent CMS, free, open source platform, innumerable themes and plugins and many more features, WordPress has been one of the magnificent platforms, when it comes to eCommerce. There is not one, but a plethora of reasons to choose WordPress as eCommerce.

Akin to other outstanding plugins offered by WordPress, WooCommerce is one of the free plugins which holds excessive potential. It is immensely hard-press to compare it with other plugins because of its sterling features.

A lesser know yet interesting fact about WooCommerce is, it owns evergoing ecommerce pie with over 1.6 million downloads across the world. Be it a non-techie user or newbie WordPress user, its user-friendly experience offers a facile and seamless interface to work on. There are many more reasons of choosing WooCommerce over other plugins. Let’s have a quick glimpse.

10 Reasons of Why WooCommerce Is Ruling Other Plugins

  1. Free
  2. Immensely flexible
  3. Offers multiple options like blogging, etc.
  4. User-friendly
  5. Huge customization options
  6. Professional yet facile
  7. In-built analytic system
  8. Excellent applications like accounting, marketing, etc.
  9. Extensive documentation library
  10. Ready-to-use APIs

The lists does not ends here; there are many more compelling features of WooCommerce that gives users a reason to choose it over other similar options.

All set up for an eCommerce store? Let’s move forward on easy steps to be followed to set up eCommerce using WooCommerce.

Set-Up an eCommerce Website with WooCommerce in Minutes


  • Choose Hosting and Domain


Choosing a cheap hosting is definitely a bad idea as it can lead to slow and unsecured website. When buying a hosting consider factors like number of visitors, scope of website and security.

In short, make sure that hosting gives

  • High security,
  • Easy accessibility and uptime to website,
  • Quick page loading, and
  • Backup data

Once, you are done with hosting, choose domain name that reflects your business type and identity. Always remember, a domain name is

  • Precise and descriptive,
  • Unique,
  • Easy-to-read,
  • Separated with hyphen, if 3 or more words are used,
  • Reflecting brand name

The most important factor is, choose domain name taking your enough time as you cannot change it, once published. However, some of the hosting service providers offer to choose domain name along with the hosting. So, you can get a complete package of hosting and domain name.


  • Install WordPress


Is installing WordPress a piece of cake? Yes, it is! There are many hosting companies that allows one click WordPress installation. And, if you don’t get such option, just visit WordPress.org and install following easy instructions.


  • Choose a Theme


When you are done with choosing hosting, domain name and WordPress installation. The first and foremost task is to choose a theme.

WordPress offers a pool of free and paid themes which are customizable. The available themes can be chosen on the basis of website requirement. Once, the theme is chosen, install it and replace the sample text of all the pages with your original and unique text. See, it was just a few minutes task. However, you can get custom theme designed from professionals too.


  • Install WooCommerce


Thumbs Up! Now, you are all done with essential steps of setting up a website. Next, all you need is, to proceed with activating WooCommerce. This is again not at all a daunting task. Just follow below mentioned easy steps.

Step 1 – Create an account on WooCommerce.com. Signing up is absolutely free.

To proceed, choose one out of following options:

  • A pre-installed solution with a trusted host
  • Auto-install WooCommerce, if you own a WordPress site already
  • Download the zip file and do it yourself

After choosing the appropriate option, download the plugin and visit your website.

Go to Dashboard followed by Plugins> Add New> Search Plugins.

Choose WooCommerce, Install and Activate.

Setup Wizard will prompt on the screen, once the plugin is activated. Now, here is when you need to carefully follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Cheers! You are all good to go with other step as you are all done with activating WooCommerce plugin.


  • Customize WooCommerce


The stage is all yours. Add extensions to implement more functionalities within the website like bookings, payment gateways, subscriptions, memberships and many more.

What more you can do?

  • Change the logo, background and color as per the business.
  • Rearrange the webpages according to their priorities and accessibility.
  • Create product categories considering the users.
  • Add products under relevant categories and their description with high quality images. Add unique video catalogues, if any.
  • Be precise and careful with the product title and description. Always mention the variations of the product, if available.
  • Managing inventory is the most crucial thing. If you are short of the products, make sure you do not list them for sell as it will leave poor impact on the buyers.
  • If you are all set with above mentioned steps, brace yourself to manage and deliver orders within committed span. Also, send notifications to the buyer about the status of the order.

And, last, but not the least task to be done, is to update the inventory and order status on the customer’s profile.

Get Set Go.

Getting started with installing eCommerce store with WooCommerce is a matter of a few minutes. But managing and processing the orders will be a bit of effort. If you are not at all proficient at technology and managing, get assistance from a reputed ecommerce development company. And, if you are all set to launch you own eCommerce today, get started today!

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