6 Brand New WordPress Plugins. Don’t Miss Them Out !

There are dozens of new additions to the WordPress directory every day. You can hardly think of a functionality or plugin that you can’t find in the extensive repository. Moreover , I bet you’ll find so many various plugin types and options that will make your head go around.

There are different criteria on which WordPress users tend to choose plugins, but the most widely spread one is plugin reviews and update history. And that’s absolutely reasonable. People tend to trust other users opinions and want to make sure the product they choose is surely going to solve the problem it is supposed to solve.

However, we shouldn’t ignore the new ones that are recently added to the directory, as many of them are competitive and offer quality and tons of useful functionalities. With this in mind I’ve hand picked several WordPress plugins that are new yet advanced and are definitely worth a try.

Google Analytics WD

Google Analytics WD is the official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program and one of the fastest growing plugins in the directory at the moment. Once installed the WordPress Google Analytics plugin brings all of your GA reports to your WordPress dashboard so that you can access them any time and any device at your hand. It provides detailed and comprehensive reports on your website audience, performance, your AdSence and AdWords accounts, traffic sources, site speed,and Ecommerce sales stats. You can set custom reports for any metric and dimension and view them right on the plugin’s reporting page. Also, you can enable the tracking of custom dimensions and view stats for logged in users, specific authors, posts, categories, etc. One of its outstanding features includes setting and tracking goals which you can use to track targeted activities that matter for you.


WordPress Google Maps

Google Maps plugin is an advanced tool for creating unlimited responsive maps for your WordPress blog. It allows you to add unlimited markers on the maps with custom icons and colors, apply various layers and overlays, and spice them up with map themes and skins. The best thing about it is that you do all the map customizations with the live preview which saves you a lot of time. It’s equipped with store locator and get directions functionalities to help your visitors find nearest locations around them, and also suggest driving, transit, walking, and bicycling modes to the destinations they are interested in. Other its features include user geolocation, full support of Google map controls, polygon, polyline, circle rectangle layers, animated markers, advanced marker listing, etc.


GoDaddy Email Marketing

With its ease of use GoDaddy Email Marketing plugin gained thousands of downloads within a short period of time. It allows you to add highly customizable email signup forms to your website and drive repeat traffic to it. The default signup form comes with a widget, but you can create your own forms and place them anywhere using shortcodes, widget or template tag. To set it up you just have to sign in to your GoDaddy account. And if you don’t have one , the plugin makes it easy to sign up.


WordPress Facebook Feed

If you want to display Facebook feeds, photos, events , videos on your website then have a look at WordPress Facebook Feed WD plugin. It’s an advanced tool that allows you to bring public group/page/profile feeds to your website with custom settings. You can display the feeds in your posts and pages using a shortcode, or with the widget in the sidebars. The best thing about the plugin is that if you don’t want to bring the whole timeline of the feed, it allows you to display only the specific content types from it, such as photos, videos, albums, events. You can choose roles whose posts are to be displayed in the feeds, content length, feed update interval , and other options. The plugin comes with beautiful feed display views and an advanced lightbox which also shows comments and captions of the images.


Kiwi Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

Kiwi Social sharing plugin is distinguished with its ease of use and simple yet useful options. It comes with the most popular social platforms in the list and allows you to manually turn each of them on/of. You can create custom icons, choose from different available button styles and sizes, and rearrange the buttons’ positions in the share bar. The plugin allows you to display the buttons in your posts and pages with various placement options, such as before content, after content or both. It’s super fast and works out of the box with all the WordPress themes.



SparkPost is an advanced email delivery service which allows you to send out personalized emails to the target audience and makes sure they hit the destination. It comes with a super flexible email templating which gives you freedom to manipulate the emails from API to UI. With its powerful analytics features you can learn how your emails perform based on sending, delivery and customer engagement. It tracks more than 35 real time email metrics and gives you rich and valid data to fine tune your emailing strategy.


As time goes by WordPress enhances and gets rich with various products. While there are really great plugins listed in the directory with tons of updated versions and millions of downloads, these newly released plugins are top-notch and are worth giving a try. Have a look at them and let me know what you think.

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