8 Newly Launched WordPress Plugins Worth Giving a Try

With more than 45,000 available plugins out there, WordPress.org is the largest source of extensions for WordPress powered websites. And the coolest part of it ,is that it still continues to grow, getting updated with dozens of new ones every day. It doesn’t matter what feature or functionality you are looking for, the chances are tons of great plugins are available, with lots of updated versions,positive reviews and high ratings.

This post is, however, not about those early released plugins that have already earned popularity and trust of thousands of users. This post is about the latest ones, that have been added to the directory not that long ago.Though new, these plugins also offer great functionality, quality, and are sure to add value to your website.

Let’s get down to the list and find out which ones they are.

WordPress Google Maps

Rated as one of the most downloaded plugins among the newly released ones, WordPress Google Maps WD plugin has a plenty of impressive features to be praised for. It’s responsive, extremely feature-rich and advanced, but at the same time, is super easy to use and customize. The plugin allows you to add unlimited maps to your website and give them custom styling with the live preview possibility. It comes with the store locator functionality, 4 map styles, polygon, polyline, rectangle and circle overlays, get directions feature, and an unique marker icon builder to create custom icons for the maps. WordPress Google Maps WD plugin also stands out for the customizable themes and map skins that it comes with, which are made to give the maps a personal touch and feel. The plugin is fast and works out of the box.


WordPress Google Analytics

As an official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program , Google Analytics WD plugin is a reliable tool to trust your website statistics. It comes with advanced data collection and reporting functionalities, which provide in depth data about your website audience, traffic source, visitor geolocation, site speed, technology and browsers used while interacting with your site. The plugin also lets you get custom reports for any metric and dimension and track custom dimensions for logged in users, specific post types and categories, authors,etc. For more valid stats you can filter out data from specific resources and exclude them from the reports.
You can set specific goals for activities that users complete on your website. For example, you can set visiting a page as a goal and get notified whenever the goal is accomplished. With just a couple of set ups you can get alerts and notifications based on the conditions you predefine. Google Analytics WD comes with alert and pushover notifications which instantly inform you of sudden drops or ups in the traffic, pageviews/sessions, durations, bounces, etc. The plugin is responsive and super user-friendly, with its configuration options and comprehensive report types.


Facebook Feed WD

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, and Facebook Feed WD provides an easy way to bring it to your website. What it really does, is enabling you to display profile/public group/page based feeds in your posts and pages with a full control over the content.You can showcase either a specific content type from the feed, such as photos, albums, events, videos, or the whole feed timline, with the specified feed update interval and the number of the posts displayed. There is an impressive number of settings available for feed views, comments, page plugin and events display, which allow you to fully customize them to fit your needs. You’ll also find Album,Masonry Thumbnail and Blog Style view options to display the feed content in the most appealing way possible.


Header and Footer Scripts Inserter

No need to edit the files of your theme or touch any line of code to add custom scripts to the header and footer parts of your website. Header and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin does it all automatically, without slowing down your website. All you have to do is to add the scripts to the required place at the plugin page, and you’re good to go. It will add the custom scripts to the header/footer section of your website and keep them working no matter how many times your theme gets updated. For third-party services, such as Google+, Pinterest,or Google Webmaster the plugin requires you to verify your domain. This is done for security purposes, to make sure the website owner confirmed the verification.



The numbers speak of themselves. Although new to WordPress directory, Boxzilla has been already downloaded for almost 10.000 times. Why ? Because it’s a lightweight and powerful plugin, enabling you to add mobile-optimized call-to-action boxes with any text on them. Boxes seamlessly pop-up or slide in based on various triggers you select,such as amount of the time on page, certain page scrolling percentage, exit intent, etc. The boxes are fully customizable, leaving you with the full control over how they look, where they appear and how long they’ll stay visible for the visitors. You can also choose between slide-up or fade-in visibility animations for the boxes.



WpForo plugin equips your website with all the necessary features to efficiently run any kind of forum. It allows you to add a powerful bulletin board to your website , where your visitors and readers can create profiles and groups, subscribe to various topics, RSS feeds and forums, rate group members and attach badges to them,etc. The plugin comes with “Extended”, “Simplified” and “Question & Answer” layout options to fit any type of conversations and discussions. You can style and design the forums according to your personal needs and easily moderate them with the powerful tools that the plugin comes with. WpForo will be a great fit for small and large communities likewise.


Social Warfare

Social Warfare is there to help you boost your social shares and drive lots of traffic to your website. It does not only enable you to make your content shareable, but gives you full control to customize how it is shared to get the most out it. It adds attractive, fast and mobile-ready share buttons to your website, which stand out with their style and flawless performance. Additionally, the plugin comes with various placement options, share counts, integrated analytics, tons of styling options, and other features to encourage more shares.


Duplicate Page

With over 39.000 downloads Duplicate Page WordPress plugin takes up its position in the list. And the punch line is that it’s super easy to use and does whatever it’s supposed to do with just a few clicks. It helps you duplicate posts, pages and custom post types with literally just one click, preserving all the selected options of the original post/page. As easy as that.


As a WordPress enthusiast, I look forward to plugin releases, and I love to test and try them out. After personally testing some of the recently launched ones, I pulled out this list of 7 powerful plugins, which, by no aspect concede the old hats in the WordPress directory.
Try them out, and make sure yourself.

Gayane Mar

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