5 Easy Steps to Find Out What Theme a Website is Using

Who hasn’t heard of WordPress? If you already have or are thinking of starting your own blog or website, this might just be a perfect choice for you. You’ll have full control over your small endeavor, without even having any programming or web design knowledge whatsoever. WordPress comes with a huge directory of themes and plugins and, sometimes, it’s really hard to make the right choice for your own website. And it happens so, that you come across a theme that looks good to you, but you don’t know how to find it in the directory. If you search it according to its appearance, it might turn out to be a time-consuming process and results are not even guaranteed. Who’s to say you’ll find it in the millions of possibilities in the WordPress theme directory? (more…)

Dan Malek’s favorite game is The Sims because he likes to always come up with the most interesting design concepts for not only rooms and homes, but also the game’s characters so as to make each of their personalities stand out through their individual style. When it comes to websites “it’s the same”, he sais, “finding the right look ties everything together and brings all your ideas to life in an original way.”