Best Landing Page Plugins for 2018 to Build Super WordPress Website

Best Landing Page Plugins for 2018 to Build Super WordPress Website

Assume yourself running an email campaign under which you are offering something valuable to your audience and the final thing you wanted to add is the link to a webpage that is mandatory for your readers to realize where they are and after that snap another link to discover the data they are searching for. That is a ridiculous user experience. Or maybe, you should guide guests to a particular landing page intended for that particular reason.

PPC specialists dependably address the significance of navigating visitors to a landing page that reverberates with the ads. Not exclusively it is essential for user experience, it’s additionally important to have promotions that score well.

The landing page is basically a page that let you guide every individual to the genuine informative page and eventually, they are coordinated from a PPC advertisement however they can likewise be sent to a landing page from an internal link, a URL in an email or a showcased advertisement in your sidebar.

Although creating a landing page is now not a tedious task to do, landing page plugins can be helpful for you to create an ultimate WordPress website with an attractive landing page. Let’s introduce you to some certain landing page builder plugins to install while doing WordPress development.




InstaBuilder 2.0 is a simple-to-use intuitive point of arrival developer that enables you to build portable responsive outlines. It likewise includes more than 100 templates if the speed of deployment is basic. InstaBuilder 2.0 incorporates huge amounts of advantageous design components including content, pictures, videos, segments, selected substance, buttons and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll have optimized control over all aspects of your designs and features.

Extra highlights incorporate lockable elements and pick in firewalls that cover’s only one page or each one of them. If your landing page is picture sensitive, you’ll cherish the implicit image editorial manager and also the inherent graphics pack. Like the vast majority of the plugins in this post, InstaBuilder incorporates strong exploration and insights that will enable you to comprehend what’s going on your landing pages and why.

Parallax Gravity

parallax gravity


You can use Parallax Gravity to make boundless landing pages. This plugin is responsive and makes extraordinary landing pages streamlined for portable and tablet gadgets. Parallax Gravity is SEO well disposed of as there’s help for custom keywords.

Since a landing page is frequently made particularly for one campaign, there are times when the offer gets terminated, however, individuals are as yet visiting the landing page. Parallax Gravity gives you a chance to divert the campaign’s particular pages to a customized URL. You can even use this plugin to make a great presentation of any product. Parallax Gravity underpins Google Analytics, so you can quantify the performance of your campaign and there is also an arrangement to include QR codes for checking the feedbacks of a particular campaign.

PT Instant

The most annoying thing is when you get prompted to sign up for a site, you have already signed in for. PT Instant allows you to avoid it, by giving “I remember you” option. PT Instant has an interesting table module which includes a popular badge that can be used to emphasize a specific option. It allows you to choose the delay option, that will delay displaying of certain elements of your page. It also provides a feature of presenting legal pages like affiliate policies, TOS, privacy pages, and more, you only have to fill out your details once and you will get these legal pages.

Using the simple function in PT Instant, you can add a map displaying your location and details of how to reach you. All your visitors need to do is scan a QR code with their smartphones. This is more important for people with a physical store or office premises.

OptimizePress 2.0



OptimizePress has come with drag and drop functionality. It allows you to create responsive landing pages and by using a live visual editor which allows you to see the changes made in real-time. While creating pages, you will get lots of individual drag and drop components. This means that you will be able to design any type of page like sales, marketing, and long form. OptimizePress comes with 30 easy to use templates, for creating pages from scratch. You can recreate any page that you find interesting.

OptimizePress comes in both theme and plugin formats. OptimizePress plugin also helps in building email lists. Special modules are there for collecting email addresses. It also has special Members Portal which allows you to limit access according to users’ membership level.

Landing Pages

landing page plugin

This plugin is geared towards growing your email list. It has a feature that lets you view the changes you make in real time. It supports A/B testing, which means that you can test several versions of pages in order to decide which one can be converted in the best way.

Landing Pages offers you lots of pre-made design templates and you can even create your own template from scratch. For WordPress Landing Pages there are lots of paid and free add-ons like WordPress Leads and WordPress Calls to Action. You will have to purchase premium add-ons if you want to use this plugin with email marketing platform to set up autoresponders.

Impact Template Editor

With Impact, you can create all sort of landing pages. Technical knowledge is not required when you are creating your page design using this plugin. Absolute control over your page design is given to you. But when it comes to developers, it doesn’t matter whether this plugin gives the power or not, all that matters is that the plugin has to be intuitive.

Real-time preview is offered by Impact. It comes with 15 different active widget areas and also allows you to insert HTML, CSS, custom text or JavaScript. It is responsive, that means you can get great looking pages suitable for a tablet or mobile traffic.


Well for WordPress, 2018 can be the most trending year as vast improvements are initiated like Gutenberg editor and the release of WordFence 7. Although, these changes are still annoying many WordPress users but they are actually providing immense flexibility in WordPress Development and here you get the finest landing page plugins that can be the part of your website to generate more conversion rate.



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