Best WordPress Tools to Supercharge Your Business Website

Building a business website is difficult, its maintenance, however, is tougher. With the fast growing digital world you have to keep your eye on the latest online trends and product releases to have your website function and look up to date.

Fortunately, there is no shortage for WordPress tools, and you can find a plenty of good ones targeting corporate and business websites. They are developed to bring various features and functionalities to your website, that you and your visitors will equally benefit from. With the right set of tools you can significantly improve your website, better serve your customers, and grow your business along the way.

If you already have a running website for your business but not satisfied with the results that it brings, it’s the high time to do something about it. Below, you’ll find a set of WordPress tools that will help you improve your business website and take it to the next level. They are essential for its smooth operation, and will bring lots of valuable functionality necessary to stand apart in the highly competitive business world.

Business Elite Theme

What makes a business website look well built and professional is the template that it uses. Choosing the right theme for it results in flawless operation of your website,customer satisfaction, and ultimately increased sales.

With this in mind I suggest checking out Business Elite theme, which has all the prerequisites to help you to grow your business. With its responsive design, one page parallax scrolling layout, full-width homepage slider, and various widgets, it’s an ideal choice to showcase and promote your business identity. The theme comes with an advanced layout editor, color control options,typography settings,and wide range of customization options, to ensure every aspect of your website matches the tone and feel of your business.



You can choose to display various pages on the homepage,which smoothly follow one another, such as portfolio, featured posts, blog, about us, contacts, etc. The theme also features a contact form on the front page, enabling you to always be in touch with your customers.
You can get to know details about the theme this Business Elite review , and see all of its cool features in action in the theme demo.

Google Maps WD

Maps are helpful in so many ways. This is why they can be found on almost all kinds of websites. For business websites, however, it’s a must-have feature. You would ask me why ? Because it can help you mark your store locations, provide directions and routes to any address, and simply help your customers find you with ease.

If your website still doesn’t feature one, take a moment to check out Google Maps WD plugin. It’s a feature-packed and intuitive tool, allowing you to add unlimited number of Google Maps to your website. You can also add unlimited markers to the maps and create custom marker icons for them with the built-in icon maker. The coolest part about the plugin is that with its live preview functionality you can instantly see all the changes you make to the maps.The plugin supports road, traffic, satellite, terrain and hybrid map styles, and polygon, polyline, circle and rectangle layer types. Its “get directions” feature is a great way to help your customers find you, as it provides directions with walking, driving, bicycling and transit modes. As for the map design, the plugin comes with various customizable themes and skins to give the maps the tone and feel best fitting your website.


8 Degree Notification Bar

Business websites usually have lots of offers, hot deals, discounts and news for their customers. Notification Bar WordPress plugin will help you to effectively display all your notifications and get the most out of them. There are 4 notification types available, such as, normal text, subscribe form,slide-in and ticker, and various placement options, to feature them wherever you find most appropriate. You can add social media icons to the notifications and help them spread on major social networks. The plugin features adjustable color and typography settings, animation effects, and is super easy in use. It’s also responsive, ensuring mobile users don’t miss out any of the hot offers and deals.


Pure Chat

Quick and effective customer service should be at the top of your ultimate list if you want your business to grow. One way to take your customer support to the next level is to provide live chat possibility on your website and timely respond to any of your customers’ needs.
Well, with Pure Chat plugin you’ll be able to message multiple customers at once. The best thing about it , is that the chat box converts into a contact form when the service team is offline or away. Isn’t this cool ?
Other than that, the plugin features an advanced visitor tracking functionality, that allows you to track and see what your visitors are up to on your website. You can track what pages they visit, time on site, number of visits, etc. The plugin also provides chat conversation saving feature, and allows you to track the activities and performance of the team members. There are more features that come with the plugin , such as, multi-chat management, call-to-action buttons, chat box assignment and many more.



With so many vulnerabilities and crashing risks, it’s important to keep your website’s data and files secure. If you’re looking for an advanced tool to take care of the backups of your website data , UpdraftPlus plugin can be your best partner. You can manage automatic or manual backups of your files, and easily restore them later. Moreover, you can choose which files you want to back up and which ones to restore. The plugin provides various backup storage options, including Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace cloud, and many others. UpdraftPlus resumes the failed uploads as many times as necessary, to ensure your files and data are successfully saved.



Depending on your business type and its size the plugins you’ll need to install on your website may vary. These are just the essential ones, that can add value to every website and take its functionality to the next level. Appropriate for small and big websites, they’ll be a good addition for the success of your business.

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