5 Reasons to choose Wordpress

5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Business Website in 2018

A website is a best and most popular way for a business to maintain its online identification. Website designers make a site for business pupils using unique languages like HTML and CSS. These languages work only with the layout of the website. Moreover, obviously content of the website has to be updated with the passage of the time, and business owners have to involve the website designers all the time. (more…)

Security Tips for WordPress for Keeping the Website Secure in 2018

Security Tips for WordPress for Keeping the Website Secure in 2018

Keeping your WordPress safe and secure is one of the most significant challenges. As a website owner at WordPress, the responsibility lies with the owner to keep it safe from malicious security threats and attacks from the hackers. There’s no doubt at all that WordPress is loaded with a powerful CMS platform fully equipped with different types of plugins, themes, and unique capabilities, however, everyone can accept the fact it is the most vulnerable and hacked CMS platforms all over the web. (more…)

HTML to WordPress. Better UX and Functionality

The age of HTML has passed and the age of WordPress is upon us. Almost everyone has embraced this revolutionary change. According to W3Techs survey, 27.8% of all the websites are used by WordPress and it is showing a steady growth. In the times of HTML, the traditional designing was typical and complex. As the years passed,the functionality of WordPress took over websites built with HTML, and it has now become the most growing CMS provider. (more…)