To Use or Not To Use Image Slider?

Love them or hate them!! Sliders are irresistible part of a website.

Sliders are the conventional way of welcoming a visitor to our website. It plays an important role in displaying videos, images and other information in an effective way. Using the right kind of plugin which can be easily set up and goes well with your website is really difficult to find.  There are number of slider plugins out there in a directory but many of them are really waste of time. It is recommended to study your need whether you really need a slider or not?


Top 5 WordPress Facebook plugins To Promote Your Facebook Brand Page

The easiest and proven way to integrate Facebook page into your official website is by adding finest WordPress Facebook plugins. These plugins are designed to not just bridge the gap between Facebook page and your business website, but it helps in updating all posts automatically to FB official page. Furthermore, it embeds live chat service and helps in displaying daily feeds, likes and reviews on website. (more…)

plugins for buisiness sites 2018

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2018

A huge spectrum of plugins for any needs is one of the main reasons why WordPress has become so popular over the last years. However, such a great number of plugins has its disadvantage. It is not that easy to find the best WordPress plugins.
Fortunately, there is no need to go far. Many of free solutions can be found in WordPress Plugin Catalogue. There are plugins for additional functionality like protection strengthening, social networks integration, reserve copy and many more. (more…)

Top 7 Free Review Plugins for WordPress Website in 2018

Top 7 Free Review Plugins for WordPress Website in 2018

Businesses getting online have allowed users to scrutinize their authenticity, looking at the reviews posted by people who have used the services. Online reviews have become more important than ever for everyone making a purchase online. They can influence or dissuade the choices of web visitors. Many developers are designing review websites to boost the visibility and accessibility for their audience and search engine frameworks. (more…)

Best Landing Page Plugins for 2018 to Build Super WordPress Website

Best Landing Page Plugins for 2018 to Build Super WordPress Website

Assume yourself running an email campaign under which you are offering something valuable to your audience and the final thing you wanted to add is the link to a webpage that is mandatory for your readers to realize where they are and after that snap another link to discover the data they are searching for. That is a ridiculous user experience. Or maybe, you should guide guests to a particular landing page intended for that particular reason. (more…)

5 WordPress Layout Plugins

5 WordPress Layout Plugins – For Smooth Blogging Experience

Blogging proves that it’s the biggest way to interact with everyone. Also bloggers have created their own industry for sharing information. We can see that many well known brands and persons have their own blog section and keep updating it. Mostly all business tycoons, journalists, hospitality keep sharing their ideas, plans, strategies and experiences. In short you can say that your blog is your way to share your message and ideas that stuck in readers mind. (more…)

WordPress Automation: More Tasks in Less Time

WordPress is known to be very user-friendly, but the truth is it requires lots of time to customize it and to have it up and running.Although it comes already feature-packed, we often need some additional functionality to handle various tasks and perform different activities.The thing is sometimes we spend way too much time on customizing and controlling stuff that can be done automatically.
In this post I’m going to suggest 8 WordPress plugins for automating lots of tasks, that will save you a great deal of time. These plugins work out of the box and are sure to enhance your site’s functionality in so many ways. (more…)

Best WordPress Email Subscription Plugins for 2017

Email marketing is one of the most widely used and effective marketing strategy webwide. Although we’re now seem to be addicted to texting, tweeting,status updates, likes and shares, checking the email box is still the first thing the majority of us do in the morning. You can hardly find anyone who doesn’t have an email address (or even a bunch of them), and that’s what makes emailing a great channel to get the word out of the products or services you offer. (more…)

Best WordPress Plugins for Better SEO and More Traffic

Those who use WordPress most probably know  it’s a pretty SEO-friendly content management platform by itself. But it doesn’t mean just running a website on WordPress will get you on the top of first search result pages out of nowhere. For better SEO results and better traffic there is still a lot more to do.

For users who are not technically into SEO, optimizing a blog or a website might seem a pretty daunting task. If you’re one of them, don’t be quick to get upset. There are, fortunately, a number of great WordPress plugins out there that make sure your website is properly optimized and has all the chances to drive more traffic. And guess what ? You don’t have to dive deep into understanding web crawlers, indexing, Google algorithms or whatsoever. These plugins require simple installation and a couple of manual setting adjustments. What you’ll get in return is better search rankings, more traffic and higher conversion rates. (more…)

The Top 30 WordPress Plugins of 2017

Your online success greatly depends on parameters, like incoming traffic, SEO, relevance, efficiency, data security and so on. Your WordPress website needs to stay competitive, and this can be achieved only if you’re constantly upgrading it with the latest, best plugins compatible with it. To be on top of the game on a market crowded with  opponents, make sure to stay up to date using the best WordPress plugins. View below handpicked 2017 high scoring WP plugins, ordered based on your website requirements. (more…)