“Coleman”- New WordPress 4.5 Version

wordpress-colemanWordPress community is very excited to hear about the new WordPress 4.5 update,and so am I!

This is the first major release so far this year, and the community has been waiting for it for several months after the 4.4 “Clifford” release back in December 2015. However, the new version is already out and comes with some amazing and long awaited features.

Let’s get to know “Coleman” and see what new features it brings to WordPress.
First to mention , it was named after an American jazz tenor saxophonist Coleman Randolph Hawkins , also known as Hawk and sometimes “Bean”.

1.Improved customization-live responsive previews in the customizer
customization improvements

With the layout toggles at the bottom of the WordPress customizer you can live preview how your theme looks on different screens. No need to check your website on mobile devices any more. This feature comes so handy and saves a lot of time.

2. Performance improvements for images

WordPress 4.5 offers an increased file compression preserving more image quality. Instead of using the 90% of the quality of the compressed files now it uses the 82%, and actually provides better visual quality for the images. Resized images load 50% faster and take WordPress image performance to the next level.

3. Selective refresh in the customizer

Previously, in order to see the changed settings in the customizer you’d had to reload the entire preview to get the changes applied. This was really slow and was taking a long time. With the new update WordPress now supports selective refresh, which makes the things easier with the live preview option. Just go ahead, make the necessary changes and get to see them instantly.

4. Custom Logos
custom logos

Great addition to the site identity settings! With WordPress 4.5 you are now able to set a logo for your website directly from the customizer. However the feature should be supported by your website theme, otherwise if it’s not defined by your current theme adding a logo will not be possible.
With the new version of WordPress there comes the new site icons preview option, which allows you to preview the icon under site identity section in the customizer, after you’ve set the image.

5. Improved writing experience-more formatting shortcuts

There are several features added in the new WordPress version to make it easier for you to write and publish. For an easy linking, now when you click to insert a link, a field appears inline, allowing you to insert a URL, whether it’s on your website or somewhere else on the web.
To keep you typing and improve your flow,the text enclosed in backticks (“”) will turn into code. The three dashes inserted in the text will turn into a horizontal line.

Other features included

  • Better Embed templates
  • Login with email address
  • Enhanced script loader
  • JavaScript Library updates

In addition to previous versions of WordPress “Coleman” brings a whole new set of features that are aimed to streamline your workflow and help you to focus more on creating an outstanding content. If you’d like to read more on WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” update visit the official update announcement page.

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