How Remote DBA Service Can Help Managing Your WordPress Database

If you are running a business then you must be knowing the importance of data for your business success. If you manage and analyze your data properly then it can be one of the most important asset for the success of your company. Research says that most of the businesses which have shown growth over the last few years had hired remote and expert database management services to manage their data. The companies which didn’t see any growth are the ones which didn’t optimize their WordPress data.

As in market, there is much emphasis on database administration for  websites hence it is important that you understand this whole concept carefully. This will help you in creating a long term strategy for your business and will tell you how you can manage your data on your WordPress site effectively to keep your business winning.

Why to Use WordPress for your Business Website?

First let’s understand why you need a WordPress site. You must be knowing that if you don’t have a website for your business then you are already losing very much as billions of people are using internet and websites nowadays to buy something or to know information about some product or services.

You can go for any kind of website but WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) which doesn’t has much competition. Right now about 25% of all the sites on internet have been built using WordPress CMS. Drupal and Joomla are other contenders but WordPress is the market leader and it offers many benefits over its other rivals.

why use wordpress

  • WordPress is a free and an open source CMS and has a huge developer community which helps in resolving all of the issues regarding WordPress easily and quickly.
  • WordPress is easy to use and no specialized skills are required for using WordPress.
  • WordPress is browser based means you can access your site from any computer.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly and has clean and simple code hence it is easy to optimize WordPress sites.
  • WordPress has amazing blogging capabilities and can be used to create all kinds of websites.
  • You can extend Functionality of WordPress site easily using so many freely available plugins.

Hence WordPress is used by top companies around the world to create their business websites. WordPress has also simplified the Database management of the sites as it does everything automatically. You don’t need to hire experts to do that work for you. In WordPress, you can do so many things yourself. Now we will discuss about some things which you need to understand such as how WordPress uses the database before we go further.

Database Administration for WordPress

Basically, WordPress uses PHP to manage your data. Everything from comments to posts on your WordPress site are stored in the database and storing and retrieval of this information can be done any time from the MySQL database management system. PHP is the scripting language of the platform. You do not need to be master in PHP or MySQL to use your WordPress site. If you have the basic knowledge of these then you can easily learn and understand how the WordPress works and how to troubleshoot the small issues.

But if there are some bigger issues then you might have to take help of remote DBA services. Initially, you just need to create a database name, password and username. Right from installation of WordPress, generally everything run smoothly. But you never know when some problem pops up. If you are busy in your business then even a simple error can take lots of your time and energy if you try to resolve it yourself.

Although you can use open source management system like phpMyAdmin but for this you need to be expert in PHP and MySQL. Hence it is better to use remote DBA services as these have experienced professionals who can handle all of the issues related to your database easily.

In the following many ways these expert database administrators can help you:-

  • Performance Enhancement

For any successful WordPress site, its performance should be fast and smooth. If your website is slow then in the back-end there can be many technical problems which your database may be facing. The remote DBA services have experienced professionals who can handle this through database management techniques and can make your WordPress website high in performance.

  • Database Optimization

Remote DBA experts can fine tune and optimize your WordPress database so that all the roadblocks for slow performance of your site are removed and fixed.

  • Problem Solved before they Affect your Site

If your Database is showing some problem then DBA experts can set up some alerts to know about them in advance. Even if the problem persists, DBA experts can resolve them before they start affecting your WordPress site and slows it down.

  • 24*7 Database Administration

For a successful business, the database and the website should work non-stop all the time. Neither you have time nor skill to control and manage your database. Hence remote DBA experts can come handy and they can do everything possible so that your database runs 24*7 uninterruptedly using various skills and tools which they use for this purpose.

  • Cost-Effective

Hiring a remote DBA expert is much cost effective than hiring an in-house database manager or administrator. Remote DBA work online and will charge only for the services they will give to you and are much cost effective and will save lots of money for you.



No doubt, you will work hard to grow your business. Therefore the data associated with your business will also grow. Hence you have to take right kind of DBA services so that you don’t lose any data and your business is not affected due to any technical malfunction in your database system. In this website driven world, your need to take this important decision of hiring remote DBA experts so that your WordPress site keeps on running smoothly and without any issue whatsoever. This will ultimately help in your business and it will grow by leaps and bounds.

Brett Dawson

Brett Dawson is a Web developer at OSSMedia which is a WordPress development services provider company and has delivered over 10,000 projects in the past 8 years. Brett alongwith his team members offers development services for leading CMS like Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Brett has a passion for writing and through this blog he had shared his insight on the popular technologies and many related topics.