How to Best Showcase the Content on Your WordPress Blog

instagram largeBlogging takes regular investment of time, energy and resources. I have already written a blog post on what you need to start your WordPress blog, now I want to share some tips on how to showcase your blog content at its best.
Once you decide to start blogging there are certain steps that you’d have to do. First, you’ll have to choose the blogging platform (hopefully, you choose WordPress). In case you are after a self-hosted blog then you’ll have to think of a domain name, which is your personal blog address. The next comes choosing a web hosting provider that is kind of a home for your blog and its content. As you go through all these steps and make all the necessary adjustments necessary for your blog, you are ready to go. The next step is to fill it with content.

Of course having a good and trustworthy content on your blog is a great source for building an authority, driving traffic and user engagement, but it’s still the half of the work. If you want to create a really outstanding blog with a stable reader base and huge traffic, you’ll have to also showcase its content in the best possible way. Fortunately, WordPress provides a lot of flexibility in terms of content display and management. The huge directory of WordPress tools comes to rescue when you need additional enhancement and functionality for your blog.

Choosing the right tools and plugins for your website is of utmost importance for setting it up for success. They can significantly enhance and improve your blog’s performance and provide better ways for content showcasing. Below you can find some useful tips and tools, which will help you to display your content at its best and stay on top in highly competitive online market.

Choose the right theme

The layout of your website is actually the first thing your visitors see when they visit your blog. It’s crucially important to have a clean and organized layout, as it will make your content more visible and attract a lot of attention. There is a huge number of great WordPress themes out there and you can check my recent post about the best 10 WordPress themes, but I want to point out Portfolio Gallery theme. It’s a new and advanced theme, to help you to showcase your content in the best way.
The theme allows you to create various media galleries and portfolios and showcase them in beautiful layouts with large image thumbs. Moreover, you can also showcase the collection of your blog posts as in a gallery. The most compelling feature of the Portfolio Gallery theme is its powerful lightbox, which is capable of showing your galleries, portfolios and posts as a slideshow with 15 slide effects. Personally, I liked the idea of having a short preview of the posts within the lightbox very much. It’s handy and saves a lot of time, instead of reading every single post form top to bottom. The theme is fully customizable, leaving you a lot of space to adjust layout and lightbox settings for your preference.

Highlight the important parts of your content

When it comes to content showcasing , sliders do a great job. So, don’t miss the opportunity to show your content up front and highlight its best parts. Choosing a feature-rich and functional slider plugin can be a total headache, but you can find some useful tips on choosing a good WordPress plugin from one of my previous blog posts.
I’d recommend trying WordPress Slider WD plugin, as it has been tested and used personally and I’m very well informed what it is actually capable of. It’s responsive and ensures your slides are perfectly shown on any kind of devices.
slider large
There are various options for adding media to the slides such as uploading from Media library, using image or video URL, by using Slider WD media upload, or by embedding from Instagram, Flickr and Dailymotion. You can add text, image, video, social button and hotspot layers to the slides and make all the necessary adjustments to them. The slider has 26 transition effects and 38 layer effects. Parallax and Carousel effects available in the slider will make your slides intuitive. You can add watermarks to the slides and also add additional styling features by using supported custom CSS. All the features of the slider and slides within it are fully customizable.

Catch your audience attention

Another way to have your content appear more attractive is to fill it with visuals. They are a great source for attention and have the potential to increase post engagement and user retention on your blog. Moreover, if you combine your blog posts with relevant images and videos, they will and more interesting to read and be easier to remember. Instead of spending hours on searching for online stock photos for your post I’d recommend integrating them from Instagram with an incredibly feature-rich Instagram Feed WD plugin. You can add user or hashtag based Instagram feeds of your preference to your posts and pages and spice up your blog with beautiful images without sharing too much efforts. With the conditional filtering option finding images you are exactly looking for is easier.
instagram feed wd
It enables you to specify the source of filtering , filtering condition and choose whether it is a hashtag, username, mention, description or Instagram media link. The plugin filters the source whether it is feed or account and shows only the results with the mentioned conditions.The images and other media are displayed in four different layouts, which can be customized according to your needs. Masonry and Blog style modern layouts are sure to catch a lot of attention. Instagram Feed WD plugin features an advanced lightbox which is capable of showing the integrated media with all the accompanying info available, such as number of image likes, comments, followers and also display user data. Images and videos from the feeds can also be showed as a slideshow within the lightbox with 15 transition effects. Layout and lightbox can be fully customized.

Don’t miss out related posts

The more content you publish the more difficult it gets to find related posts to a particular topic on your blog. This oftentimes leads to loosing a lot of readers. If retaining your regular reader base is at your primary interest (and it should be so), then suggesting related posts to your visitors is a great solution. Adding related posts plugin to your website will increase the content consumption and the number of your pageviews at the same time. For a really functional related post plugin I would recommend using Yet Another Related Posts plugin (YARPP).
yet another related post plugin
It’s a highly useful WordPress plugin for introducing your visitors relevant related content across your blog. By relevant related content I mean pages, posts and custom post types. The plugin has thumbnail and list views. The great template system of the plugin gives you full control to choose how the related content is going to be displayed.

Get the most out from widgets

Widgets can be extremely useful when it comes to content showcasing. They are capable of showing the content on your blog in a vivid way. The most compelling thing about widgets is that you can add them on different widget-ready locations of your theme, such as header, footer and sidebar. By using shortcodes you can also insert widgets to any of your posts and pages. As widgets are doing such a great job in content showcasing, pick one for your blog as well. Choose Category Posts widget to display your latest blog posts from a specific category.
category post widget
The settings of the plugin are various and fully customizable. You can select how many posts to show and change the ordering of the posts. There is a possibility to show the post author and display post excerpts. You can link the widgets to the post category page that it belongs. The plugin also enables you to display post date and comment counts within the widgets, and many more other features. It is a great way to increase the consumption of certain category posts if they lack the desired views and engagement.

These are my own recommendations on how to showcase your blog content at its best. These simple tips and tools will surely benefit you regardless of the kind of the content you provide. In case you implement one of them on your blog, I’d really appreciate if you let me and others know the outcomes.

Gayane Mar

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