How To Customize WordPress Dashboard Admin Using Plugins

The WP Admin Area is the central location where you can find all the configuration and settings available on the platform. It allows you to install plugins and themes, publish content, backup files, import/export, and much more. In fact, several plugins in the WP plugin library are solely designed for customizing the Admin Area. In this blog, I will talk about two most popular plugins that offer a myriad of features and allow you to customize the Admin Area to your liking.


1.Legacy Admin

Legacy Admin is perhaps the most advanced and useful White Label WP Admin Theme plugin in the WP marketplace. The plugin comes with 20 attractive themes along with White Label Branding features. It gives you the freedom to customize the looks of the Admin Area completely by altering the appearance of the Top Bar, Forms, Typography, Admin Menu, Content Boxes, and other components. Here is a full list of features that comes with this plugin:

You can purchase it from:


Menu Management

  • Custom menu icons
  • Enable/disable menu and submenu items
  • Rearrange menu and submenu through drag and drop
  • Reorder menu items through drag and drop
  • Change labels of menu and submenu items.

Multisite Compatible

  • Easily multisite network installation
  • Modify for Individual Sites on network or Network Activate mode
  • Multisite network compatibility

Login Screen

  • Change Admin Top bar through various styling options
  • Customize Login Page logo
  • General Layouts CSS customizations
  • Change fonts, background, colors, opacity, etc. of any element on Login Screen
  • Content box styling options
  • Enable/disable Page Loader
  • Fully customize the Login Screen by using wide range of styling options
  • Show/hide URL links such as “Forgot Password” and “Back to Site”
  • Full CSS customization of the main Admin Menu
  • Integration of elegant Login Screen theme


  • Multiple fonts for different components. For example, different fonts for body, menu, heading, etc.
  • 650+ Google Fonts integrated
  • Advanced typography options to control font weight, font-size, font subset, line height, etc.

White Label Branding

  • Customize the favicon and logo for your own branding in Admin Panel
  • Modify Admin Top Bar
  • Fully customize Login Section with a built-in theme or with your own theme
  • Customize footer
  • Full Admin Menu customization
  • Theme, Color and Style
  • 20 elegant built-in themes
  • Monochrome and multicolor themes
  • Custom theme developer
  • Ability to edit built-in themes
  • Complete makeover of Admin Panel through various color and styling options

Admin Top Bar

  • Change user greeting (howdy) to desired text
  • Use node IDs to remove unwanted links
  • Enable / disable Top bar (back and front ends)
  • Show Logout link in top bar
  • Control all Admin Top bar links
  • 2 different styles are available (partial and full width)
  • Customize CSS options.

Admin Footer

  • Customize the text in the Admin Footer
  • Hide or show WordPress version info

Import / Export

  • Ability to edit inbuilt themes by importing settings
  • Easily export and import settings panel
  • Transfer settings to any other site

Other prominent features of Legacy Admin include Black Box coding standards, smooth scrolling integration, cross browser compatibility, detailed documentation, ability to add custom CSS code, Page Loader integration, and Admin Menu Editor Pro plugin compatibility. Moreover, Legacy Admin is available in several languages and is compatible with both RTL and LTR modes.



2.WordPress Admin Theme


The second plugin on the list is WordPress Admin Theme. This plugin is ideal for completely revamping the looks of the Admin Area. It has 43 built-in themes and an easy-to-use GUI, allowing you to manage and customize the Admin Area without any hassle.

You can purchase it from:
Here is a full list of features that comes with this plugin:


White Label Branding

  • Change footer text
  • Customize admin bar links
  • Customize widgets and display your own text on WordPress dashboard
  • Custom logo and theme options for login, admin, and dashboard pages
  • Change WordPress logo with your own logo

Multi-Site Compatibility

  • Allow each of your network admin to change and customize their individual blog admin layout
  • You can display your own customized theme and control what to display to your users/admins in the network

Admin Bar Management

  • Customize Admin Bar
  • Ability to add custom links to admin bar
  • Change Admin Bar color, logo and background

Import and Export

  • Backup all the settings to your local system

Admin Menu Management

  • jQuery Sliding menu
  • Show all menu items to specific or multiple admin users
  • Reorder admin menu items
  • Remove or add admin menu items
  • Show/hide particular menu items to non-admin users

Fonts and Color Themes

  • Create your own theme for WordPress admin
  • 43+ built-in themes
  • Set custom fonts for individual elements
  • Unlimited color options with shadow effect and flat color
  • Use Google Fonts

Support and Documentation

  • Fast support
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Dedicated support system


If you are looking for customizing the Admin Area of your WordPress website, you could opt for either of the two plugins discussed above. If you have a personal favorite that I have not mentioned in this article, please leave a comment.

Danish Ashrafi

Danish Ashrafi is the Community Manager at Cloudways, a company that specializes in WordPress Hosting. Danish loves front-end development and designing websites based on WordPress.