HTML to WordPress. Better UX and Functionality

The age of HTML has passed and the age of WordPress is upon us. Almost everyone has embraced this revolutionary change. According to W3Techs survey, 27.8% of all the websites are used by WordPress and it is showing a steady growth. In the times of HTML, the traditional designing was typical and complex. As the years passed,the functionality of WordPress took over websites built with HTML, and it has now become the most growing CMS provider.

Switching from an HTML website to a WordPress website has many benefits. WordPress is not just a flawless blogging platform but also a great website provider. On the other side, HTML websites are static and to be frank full of HTML codes. So, if you need to customize the design or update any content on it, either you have full knowledge of the HTML coding or you need to hire a developer to make even the smallest change. But with WordPress, these things changed and now it is much easier to make changes to a website. Let’s check out some of the main reasons why you should migrate from an HTML website to a WordPress website.


WordPress is equipped with a cutting edge CMS that is very compelling in nature. It is incredibly user-friendly. Its CMS provides a vast number of options to customize the website in almost every possible way.

Back in the time of HTML, customization was only be done by only those developers who had deep knowledge of HTML custom codes. Also, there was no scope of extensive designing after the website was created because once the codes were changed, it leads to many other issues which were very difficult to locate.

But with WordPress, the tangible customization is very easy to conduct plus it has plethora numbers of customization options.


WordPress is incredibly easy to use. As mentioned above, when you’re using an HTML website, making changes are too difficult as it requires exhaustive coding work, which only a well-qualified developer could do.

However, with the introduction of WordPress, customization has become very easy. With different widgets, you can customize your WordPress website by simply dragging and dropping. The themes of the WordPress are easy to apply, and very effective as well.

With custom plugins, managing a website in WordPress has become easier. All you have to do is just add a plugin and start working. It’s that simple.


WordPress is incredibly SEO friendly. It comes set for SEO by default and provides lots of options to optimize your website. With permalink setting, you can make your URLs search engine friendly. SEO oriented plugins are in vast number which can help you bring organic traffic to your website.

In an HTML website, you need to give the developer a list of instructions about permalinks, keywords and meta descriptions. If you want to update the list, you have to hire a developer again to update this data. And that can be one of the biggest downsides of an HTML website.


As WordPress is an open source software. There are many developers who constantly tries to improve the working of the WordPress through creating large online communities. These community of developers keep a keen eye on all the latest updates of the WordPress.

Also, developers contribute actively on plugins and themes to make the system even better. They even provide help if you ever get stuck on something. If this situation arises in the case of an HTML website, then there are no options except approaching them directly to ask to fix the problem as a service.


A custom design for a website can make your online presence more sensible, professional, robust and profitable. With WordPress on your side, it is quite easy to design the website. It may look like a herculean task at first, however, with time, this task becomes easier step by step. And if you stuck on something, WordPress community is always there for you.

This is not the case in an HTML website. You have to contact your developer every time you want to make changes which can be very exhaustive on you and your budget.
So, the bottom line here is that WordPress is better in every functionality and offers better user experience than those of HTML. With constant efforts, you can amplify UX by adopting to different layouts or plugins. This can result in very productive ways.

Your viewers will never leave you and your business can thrive. If you have an HTML website and you’re thinking to switch to WordPress. Taking a help from professionals is always recommended as for the first time user you might not want to end up in a blunder.

Hey, if you have any questions, then mention those in the comments section, I will be happy to be of any assistance. Spread the word and share it on social media.

Kiara Marsh

Kiara Marsh is an experienced WordPress developer, working at WordSuccor Ltd. She provides HTML to WordPress theme services and has a team of expert developers to assist her in every project. Whenever she gets time off from her work, she enjoys reading and sharing Wordpress design and development tips.