Best WordPress Halloween Treats and Tricks For 2016

Halloween brings out another chance for WordPress users to enhance the functionality of their websites with some absolutely great deals and discounts. This is yet another opportunity to take your website to the next level with premium quality WordPress themes and plugins.
Here are the best WordPress Halloween deals to treat yourself some great plugins and themes with affordable discounted prices. (more…)

7 Excellent WordPress Plugins to Power up Your Website

Flexibility is probably the most appreciated feature of WordPress as a CMS. It’s pretty functional itself in its core, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance it further. From simple sharing buttons to multi-functional analytics and optimization tools,  there are tons of tools to supercharge your website and bring to it the functionality you need.
When choosing a plugin for your website there is one important thing you should keep in mind. Not all the plugins are created with quality and not all of them solve the problem they are supposed to solve. With this in mind I want to share with you a short list of the most feature-packed and high quality WordPress plugins,which I hand-picked myself through a long searching and testing. (more…)

10 Useful WordPress Plugins You Should Have

I guess you know that WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System. But do you know the reason behind it? WordPress offers a wide number of options to create a website. Available in both free and paid versions, WP offers ample of themes to choose from. Alongside, there are plenty of plugins for you to improve the efficiency of your work and make your tasks easier. The plugins are also available in both free and paid versions.

You have to keep an eye on your website to analyze its performance and generate good results. If you are not a code geek and do not have much knowledge about WP, you can hire specialized WordPress expert who will take care of all your work related to the website. However, if you can’t afford a programmer, below you’ll find a list of some essential  WordPress plugins that you should have. (more…)

WpDart: WordPress Support You Can Count on

WordPress is a pretty powerful and secure platform itself, but, you know, unexpected errors and problems are part of our life.During the thirteen years of its existence WordPress has undergone major changes in terms of its performance and functionality, but things still go wrong sometimes. And the thing is that, not all the WordPress users are code geeks (me, for instance) and hitting an error would really mean a heart attack to me. The good thing, however, is that if there is a problem there is a probable solution for it out there. And let me tell you what, you can find the quickest and guaranteed solution to any WordPress related problem from the guys from WpDart WordPress Fix service. (more…)

WordPress Google Analytics WD Review

When it comes to tracking website traffic and performance the most possible solution that you’ll end up choosing with is Google Analytics. It’s the most advanced and complete tracking service offered by Google that tracks and reports every single click and interaction on your website.

WordPress Google Analytics WD plugin is the official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program and is the best choice you can make if you want to check your GA stats from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. It provides an easy access to your website statistics and comes with some additional tracking and reporting settings to let you get the most out of your stats. (more…)

Best WordPress Tools to Supercharge Your Business Website

Building a business website is difficult, its maintenance, however, is tougher. With the fast growing digital world you have to keep your eye on the latest online trends and product releases to have your website function and look up to date.

Fortunately, there is no shortage for WordPress tools, and you can find a plenty of good ones targeting corporate and business websites. They are developed to bring various features and functionalities to your website, that you and your visitors will equally benefit from. With the right set of tools you can significantly improve your website, better serve your customers, and grow your business along the way. (more…)

8 Newly Launched WordPress Plugins Worth Giving a Try

With more than 45,000 available plugins out there, is the largest source of extensions for WordPress powered websites. And the coolest part of it ,is that it still continues to grow, getting updated with dozens of new ones every day. It doesn’t matter what feature or functionality you are looking for, the chances are tons of great plugins are available, with lots of updated versions,positive reviews and high ratings.

This post is, however, not about those early released plugins that have already earned popularity and trust of thousands of users. This post is about the latest ones, that have been added to the directory not that long ago.Though new, these plugins also offer great functionality, quality, and are sure to add value to your website. (more…)

5 Best Social Media WordPress Plugins

Is there a better way to attract to and engage visitors on your website than social media ? Well, probably no.With such a huge number of social media users there is a great possibility that most of your targeted niche readers are online and have accounts on at least some of the major ones. (more…)

How To Customize WordPress Dashboard Admin Using Plugins

The WP Admin Area is the central location where you can find all the configuration and settings available on the platform. It allows you to install plugins and themes, publish content, backup files, import/export, and much more. In fact, several plugins in the WP plugin library are solely designed for customizing the Admin Area. In this blog, I will talk about two most popular plugins that offer a myriad of features and allow you to customize the Admin Area to your liking. (more…)