How To Protect A WordPress Website From Hackers?

In this highly advanced era, hackers are more into hacking WordPress websites. It indicates you to take effective measures to ensure the security of your WordPress website.

The increasing popularity of WordPress has also made it an ideal target for hackers; therefore, you should find smart ways of keeping your WordPress away from hackers.

You find that more than 70% of WordPress websites are prone to hacking attacks so protect your website and stay successful in the online world. Mostly, the owners of startups do not bother to protect their WordPress websites. It makes their websites easy target for hackers.

This write-up is useful in a way that it guides you properly about protecting your WordPress website from hackers. Below are some ways to ensure the protection of your WordPress site so take a look at them thoroughly.

1.    Have A Lockdown Option On Your Website

This feature has the ability to deal with failed login attempts so consider having it on your website. As you have it on your website so it gets locked when there is any hacking attempt by using wrong passwords repetitively.

Keep in mind that the iThemes Security is the perfect plugin and it has lots of features in this regard. You specify failed login attempts and after that, this plugin bans the hacker’s IP address. Using this plugin can reduce the number of hacking attempts; it means that you should consider using it.

2.    Opt For 2FA To Strengthen The Security Of Your Website

You should also implement two-factor authentication for the login procedure. It prevents brute force attack. It adds an additional login security layer by requesting extra proof of ID like secret questions and generated code.

If you talk about WP Google Authentication plugin so it is the perfect example of a two-factor authentication plugin that you can install easily and strengthen the security of your website’s login.  

3.    Keep Changing Your Passwords

Sticking to one password for a long time also makes your website vulnerable to hacking attempt; therefore, you should keep changing your password. Adding lowercase and uppercase letters, specific characters and numbers is essential for you and it improves the security of your website.

4.    Protect The WP-Admin Directory

It is necessary to know that the wp-admin directory is WordPress site’s heart. As this specific part of your website gets breached so it makes it easy for hackers to damage the entire website.

You have to password-protect this particular directory and it also contributes to the security of your website. This kind of security measure, you access dashboard by submitting two different passwords. One is for login page and another one is for WordPress admin area.

5.    Consider Changing An Admin Username

At the time of installing WordPress, going with “admin” as the username is not the good strategy. It is a simple username that any hacker can guess without taking enough time.

You should consider using username changer for changing your username and strengthening the overall security of your website. It is the most famous plugin that the majority of WordPress websites’ owners use.

6.    Alter WordPress Database Table Prefix

You should know that wp-table prefix is utilized by WordPress database and it is important to you that you change it precisely. As you use default prefix so it makes your website vulnerable to SQL injection attack.

You can easily prevent these kinds of attacks by altering wp- to a different term, for instance, you can change it to wpnew- or mywp-.  You can also use different plugins such as iThemes Security and WP-DBManager for changing default prefix. It is also essential that you back up your website properly prior to making changes to the database.  

7.    Keep An Eye On Protecting WP-Config.Php File

This particular file consists of essential information about WordPress installation and it is not wrong to say that it is the most important file of your website’s root directory.

One thing is very clear that hackers find it very hard to breach your website’s security if this specific file turns into inaccessible for them. Therefore, you should think of protecting wp-config.php file.     

8.    Ensure That You Connect Server Properly

At the time of setting up a website, consider connecting a server via SSH or SFTP. You find that SFTP is more famous than FTP as it has outstanding security features.

As you connect server in this specific way so it transfers files in a secure manner. You find that dozens of hosting providers provide this service as an integral element of their package. You should consider improving your knowledge more about SFTP.

Above-mentioned are some perfect ways of ensuring the security of your WordPress website. You should consider following these ways and protect your websites from every hacker in the online world.

Jasmine Demeester

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