The Events Calendar VS Event Calendar WD

Capture (1)The number of WordPress event calendar plugins is large. There are various types of event plugins offering tons of different functionalities,view options, add-on support and various features.  

With such a diversity it gets difficult to choose the best one when you feel the need of a calendar plugin on your website. And though the number of calendar plugins is impressive there are two of them that I would like to pinpoint:The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe and Event Calendar WD by Web-Dorado. Both these plugins earned popularity and trust among thousands of WordPress users.

The Events Calendar has been around for quite a long time (since 2012). Modern Tribe’s team has 12 plugins stored at the’s  directory so far. Out of 12 The Event Calendar is the most popular one, with over 400.000 active installs.
the events calendar
Event Calendar WD was launched in June 2015 and is a relatively newbie compared to the Events Calendar. Web-Dorado’s team , which has an impressive number of
popular products listed in the directory,among them are such popular plugins as WordPress Photo Gallery with over 200.000 active installs , Slider WD, Form Maker, Portfolio Gallery Theme, etc.

Calendar WD
If you’re searching for a WordPress event calendar plugin but not sure,which one will suit more to your website needs, this comparison review of the two plugins will make things more clear.

So, let’s discover what are the features that these two plugins have in common, what differences or additions do they posses, and what makes them such a stand out.


Functionality (FREE version)

 The Events Calendar                                                                             Event Calendar WD
  • Responsive
  • Event search
  • Google maps
  • Widget: Upcoming events list
  • Events categories & tags
  • Ajaxified
  • Saved content venues & organizers
  • Microformats support
  • Internationalized & Translated
  • Multiple stylesheets  
  • Extensive Template Tags for Customization
  • Hook & Filters up the wazoo
  • Caching Support
  • Debug Mode for Developers
  • Google Calendar and iCal exporting
  • Responsive design
  • Event search
  • Google Maps integration
  • Widget
  • Event categories and tags
  • Ajaxified
  • Support for venues and organizers
  • Structured event markup (microdata)
  • Multiple language support
  • 2 themes
  • Social share buttons
  • Default content
  • SEO-friendly
  •     Pro Version only
  • Unlimited number of calendars/events


So, basically, both of the calendar plugins have almost the same features to offer to their users. Except for a couple of things.  As you can see Event Calendar WD allows you to add social sharing buttons to the events in its FREE version, while the Events Calendar lacks the option in both versions.
With the Event Calendar WD you would be able to display your events as a widget on your website with the FREE version, whereas you’d have to go PRO with the Events Calendar to be able to do so.It also comes with the default content feature,which allows you to set deafult content for different fields and use them across your events.
As for the event search, the Event Calendar WD offers keyword based searching option in the FREE version and provides more searching possibilities with the FIlter add-on. The Events Calendar FREE comes with date and keyword search options, and offers location based search as you update it to PRO. The possibility to adding default content is a FREE feature in the Event Calendar WD, it comes as a PRO feature in the Events Calendar however.


On the other hand The Events Calendar comes with Google Calendar and iCal reporting as  a free feature, while it’s offered as an add-on in the Event Calendar WD plugin. Apart from that, the Events Calendar comes with Skeleton, Default, Tribe Event stylesheets, when The Event Calendar WD comes with two themes for the event display.   Also Event Calendar WD lacks cashing support, extensive template tags for customization, hooks & filters, and the debug mode for developers in both versions.


                                        Views (FREE Version)


The Events Calendar

  • List view
  • Month
  • Day view
Event Calendar WD

  • List view
  • Month
  • Day
  • Week


In addition to the List, Day, Month views that are present in both calendars, the Event Calendar WD offers one more Week view option in the FREE version. Check out The Events Calendar’s demo version and the Event Calendar WD’s demo version to see how they actually look .


the events calendar2




The Events Calendar                                                                               Event Calendar WD

  • Event Tickets
  • Event Tickets Plus
  • Filter Bar
  • Facebook Events
  • Community Events
  • Community Tickets
  • iCal Importer
  • Eventbrite Tickets
  • Event Tickets
  • Frontend Event Management
  • Upcoming Events
  • Filter Add-on
  • Subscribe Add-on
  • Countdown
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • iCal Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Import/Export
  • Custom Fields
  • Views
  • Export to GCal/ICal


As seen from the table, the Event Calendar WD offers wider opportunities in terms of calendar functionality enhancement. In addition to several add-ons that the Events Calendar PRO comes with, there are also other much needed add-ons available in the Event Calendar WD PRO. With the Countdown add-on,your visitors will never miss any of your important events. It allows you to display days/hours/minutes/seconds left to a particular event.You can use the add-on as a plugin and as a widget as well. The Upcoming Events add-on is another great addition to your calendar. It allows you to display the upcoming events with a widget, and let your visitors know what events are scheduled for the near future.
Subscribe add-on is a great way to notify your visitors about the type of events they are most interested in and keep them involved. You visitors can subscribe to events from a particular category, choose events from specific tags, organizers and venues. For providing more detailed information about your events, their venues and organizers, you can use Custom Fields add-on, which does what it says. It allows you to add additional information fields for the events which, apart from standard display fields, need more detailed description.Google Calendar Integration enables you to import your Google calendar’s events easily to your Event Calendar WD.

I would also like to mention about Eventbrite add-on that the Events Calendar PRO comes with. It enables you to manage, promote and sell ticket for the events on your WordPress site and your Eventbrite account. You can determine the ticket types, payment options and quantity of the tickets, and manage them easily with the provided tools.

Functionality (PRO version)


The Events Calendar                                                 Event Calendar WD

  • Recurring events
  • Add-on support
  • Pro support
  • Custom event attributes
  • Default content
  • Location search
  • Widgets
  • Recurring events
  • Add-ons support
  • Pro support
  • 5 beautiful customizable themes



As PRO features both of the calendars offer recurring events option, add-ons, and timely and in-depth support.The Events Calendar PRO also provides custom event attributes option enabling you to display additional information about any of your events. This feature comes with the Custom Field add-on in the Event Calendar WD.

Views (Pro Version )

The Events Calendar                                    Event Calendar WD

  • Week
  • Map
  • Photo
  • Venue
  • Organizer
  • Posterboard view
  • 4 days view
  • Map view


Both of the calendars are more generous in event view options in their PRO versions. The Event Calendar WD comes with the Posterboard view, which is, basically, the same as the Photo view in the Events Calendar. It also offers the unique 4 days view option for PRO users.

The Events Calendar comes with additional Venue and Organizer views.


The Events Calendar

Personal (One year updates and Support for 1 site) – $89

Business (One year updates and Support for 3 sites)- $149
Agency (One year updates and Support for 10 sites)- $299


Event Calendar WD

Personal (6 months support and updates for 1 domain)- $25
Business (One year support and updates for 3 domains)-  $40
Developer (One year support and updates for  unlimited domains)- $60



When looking through the options of these feature-packed WordPress calendars I found out that they basically offer the same features and functionalities. Some of them come free and others are offered only to PRO users, but the overall functionalities come about to be similar in both versions of the Events Calendar and the Event Calendar WD. The only big difference that caught my attention was the number of the available add-ons and , of course, the pricing. As can be seen from the chart above you’ll have to shell out bucks to get around with the Events Calendar. In contrast, the Events Calendar WD comes with a reasonable pricing and its Developer PRO option allows you to add the calendar plugin to as much websites as you’d like to. With the Events Calendar you’ll get updates and support for up to 10 websites only.

I hope this review will give you an insight of what these WordPress calendars plugins have to offer to their users, and help you to figure out which one of them most suits your needs and your pocket. If you need more info however, I’ll recommend checking out plugin demos. 



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