Top 5 WordPress Facebook plugins To Promote Your Facebook Brand Page

The easiest and proven way to integrate Facebook page into your official website is by adding finest WordPress Facebook plugins. These plugins are designed to not just bridge the gap between Facebook page and your business website, but it helps in updating all posts automatically to FB official page. Furthermore, it embeds live chat service and helps in displaying daily feeds, likes and reviews on website.

Right now, it has become a necessity to promote your business on some of the top-most social media platforms. Facebook, being the king of social media, is the first targeted spot for all business owners, trying to expand their business nationally and globally. Facebook can help in the growth of your business rapidly in terms of traffic and users. So, it is perfect for promoting business by just connecting it main WordPress website. Here, you will come to learn more about comprehensive list of 5 Facebook plugins to fulfill your requirements and allow you complete access to social media accounts within your official site

1. Custom Facebook Feed

Most of the time, you would not want to embed Facebook page or your personal timeline in website as the main content. It is not quite indexed like the normal content. Moreover, this site would not get any proficient link juice as anticipated. Thanks to Custom Facebook Feed, you can enjoy a customized way to include feed into WordPress site, which search engines are crawling for. It helps in presenting your website with the right Google rank. On the other hand, you get the opportunity to customize feed include whatever you want like only the events you plan to promote.

  • The plugin is completely customizable. By default the FB feed can adopt your website’s style but you can customize it completely as asked for, with tons of customization and styling options.
  • The feed content in FB is crawl able for add SEO content to your website. Other plugins will embed feed with the help of iframes, which will not make it crawl able.
  • The plugin is responsive and optimized for mobiles. The layout can look amazing on any screen size and in multiple widths.
  • You get the chance to display feeds right from various FB pages and use short code for embedding them into page, widget, post or anywhere on site.

2. Facebook Thumb Fixer

A to-the-point and simple plugin for your Facebook, this Facebook Thumb Fixer helps in solving issues relating to FB grabbing wrong image whenever a post is shared. It works by using open-graph that works just like charm. All you need to do is just set the featured image and you will be covered for good. If you fail to use featured images, then look for singular fallback image.

This plugin works by ensuring that thumbnail is procured from your post’s featured image. Moreover, it inserts open graph properties, which Facebook often looks for while sharing a page. These properties comprise of description, title and your specified image.

3. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is a noteworthy FB WordPress plugin used for displaying fully responsive, customized and SEO friendly FB feed on WP website. There are multiple customized and stylish options available, designed to help changing the feel and look of your site. It contributes to engage customers through its simple setup.

  • It helps in displaying multiple feeds from various FB pages
  • Using hashtags, you can search posts easily
  • It embed Facebook Live and YouTube videos automatically
  • You have the liberty to add own CSS

4. Facebook Feed WD

Another interesting plugin in question, Facebook Feed WD helps in broadcasting FB feeds on website. It provides options to display feeds in widget with various features like removing old content, refreshing Facebook feed and replacing old content with latest posts. This plugin forms a major part of WordPress development services and comes with high resolution light box for image display in beautiful and attractive FB gallery.

  • It has in total around 15 light box effects
  • It can update latest feeds automatically and has various responsive layouts
  • There are unlimited FB feeds and posts waiting for you with much-needed customer support

5. Ninja Team FB messenger

Ninja Team FB messenger is one of the trusted and top rated plugins for Facebook messenger. It bridges gap between your firm and customers and collect leads for lifetime. On the other hand, you will receive short code to be placed anywhere on your online site. Through this plugin, you get the chance to collect contact details of customers and boost your business and sales.

It is really important to check out all the available options apart from these 5 Facebook plugins for WordPress websites, before making the final choice. Go through each plugin individually, check out their features, and then finalize the right plugin to use. Making right choice helps in mixing your website with FB social account flawlessly.

Linda Wester

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