Top 7 Blogging Mistakes Most Newbie Bloggers Make

If you are thinking of launching a new blog, then there are some things to consider before starting. At the start, every blogger wants to get immediate success, but success is not possible without the hard work, patience and the proper execution of a blogging strategy. Blogging can be very complex at the beginning, but you have to avoid some common blogging mistakes at every cost which most of the newbie bloggers make. It’s easy for everyone to make a blog but getting readers is a complicated task. Today we are going to discuss top seven blogging mistakes which can block your way from reaching success.

Hesitation in Choosing Niche

Lack of idea about a blog niche is the top blogging mistake which is done by nearly every unsuccessful blogger. It is essential that before setting up a blog, you must have an idea of a niche in which you are going to work. Look into the ideas in which you are passionate and interested; if you are not excited and passionate about something and thinking of making it as your blog niche, then you should immediately stop yourself from doing that.  Not having a passion for a category or niche can prevent you from working in a more extended run. Do some proper research and analyze how other people are managing their blogs. If you have a lot of ideas in your mind, then you must write down all the pros and cons of every thought and then choose a one which is more suitable for you.

Using Bad Images

You’ve spent a lot of time in writing a blog post, and now you are going to publish it, but before doing that, you’ll look for the images that will make your piece attractive for your audience. Including some visuals can give your reader a little bit relaxation from a continuous text and makes the blog post unique and special for them. Choosing a bad or stolen image from the internet can seriously harm your blog. So always use high-quality photos that will leave a positive impact on the reader’s mind. You can search “royalty free images websites” on Google to find out the best images for your blog.

Not Using SEO Optimized Content

Search engine optimization is a procedure of letting search engines know about your presence. You must use SEO optimized content for your blog which means when writing a blog post choose relevant keywords that your audience or different people search on the web. Placing those keywords into your content can be hugely beneficial and can provide you a lot of readers. But keep one thing in mind, when writing SEO optimized content don’t overuse keywords which can annoy your readers and keywords stuffing can also result in a penalty by Google, so a proper balance between keywords and the content is vital.  

Not Using Google Analytics

Not using Google analytics is also a pervasive mistake which is usually done by all of the bloggers. Google analytics data can play a vital role in the improvement of your blog. Activating analytics with your blog will bring enormous insights which you can use to write your future blog posts. You must analyze that which posts on your blog are popular or attracting the new audience from the search engines, then merely write more posts on the similar topics and you can make your blog even better.

Not Using Social Media

It is good that you are having some regular readers of your posts, but eventually, your aim should be to reach a wider audience. That’s why using social media for your blog is very necessary. Make accounts on every leading social media platform, then establish a community there and share your content with them. You must use social media sharing bar on your blog which will help your readers to share your valuable content with their friends and family.

Not Using Data as Evidence

If you are writing a blog post and let’s say you have a point or a claim and if you write that thing without providing a shred of evidence then it will not convince your readers. Arguments are much more compelling when proved with data and in-depth research. Posts driven by data are capable of catching more readers, and it will also make your blog trustworthy.

Not Replying to Every Comment

The purpose of enabling comments on a blog post is that you want your readers to interact by leaving their thoughts and comments. Unfortunately, most of the bloggers don’t reply to the comments of the readers so then the purpose of providing a commenting platform dies. By responding to every comment, you are letting your audience know that you respect their opinions and it has some importance to you.

So there we have it, the top seven blogging mistakes that every newbie blogger make. Hopefully, you will avoid them to find yourself a successful blogging career.

Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for three years now. Her main focus is on business, finance, and social media. Currently, she is the editorial manager at Aurion UAE who offers freezone company formation in UAE; they also provide complete assistance in opening offshore bank account in UAE.