Top 7 Free Review Plugins for WordPress Website in 2018

Top 7 Free Review Plugins for WordPress Website in 2018

Businesses getting online have allowed users to scrutinize their authenticity, looking at the reviews posted by people who have used the services. Online reviews have become more important than ever for everyone making a purchase online. They can influence or dissuade the choices of web visitors. Many developers are designing review websites to boost the visibility and accessibility for their audience and search engine frameworks.

If you are a WordPress user, adding review system is extremely easy as the platform allows you to do so without using a single line of code. Many review plugins are offered by WordPress that can serve the purpose. However, in order to fetch better results, you should pick up plugins that can help you generate better leads for your online business. In this post, we have listed 7 Review Plugins for WordPress Website that can arm you with features to take the functionality of your website to a whole new level.

1) WireMo


This plugin provides space for customers to post their feedback on your WordPress website. It works for websites that sell tangible products and services, and which is connected via social media on Twitter and Google+. It has two versions, free and paid, and both have a certain set of features.

Wiremo has a robust admin panel and uses widgets to display information on the website. This plugin is user-friendly and connects more with features and clients posts, customer review posts and FAQs. You can try its free version to understand how it works, and if it is compatible with you, you can buy it at less than $10 later on.


2) WooDiscuz


With more than one thousand installs and five out of five rating, WooDiscuz is one of the most robust Review Plugins for WordPress Website. It is designed specifically for WooCommerce website as it allows your users to discuss your products on your platform. Using this plugin, you can add ‘Discuss’ tab on your WordPress website, next to the Reviews tab. In addition, WooDiscuz offers your potential audience a rich user experience by enabling them to talk about your products or services right on your website, which also makes your offerings authentic. As a matter of fact, users can share your products and even vote for comments.


3) Good Review Plugin

Good Review Plugin

This plugin allows WordPress users to add reviews and testimonials, which can be displayed in posts, widgets or pages with the help of a search-engine friendly Schema markup. Good Review Output Plugins reviews using the markup of to enable search engine giants to identify and integrate the reviews posted by users with your listing. You can add either numbered or 5-star rating to reviews along with the photo of the reviewer. You can even categorise the reviews as per their respective category.  In addition, WordPress users can cycle through reviews with a fader or just list them.


4) Book Blogger

Book Blogger

This plugin has an incredible drag and drop interface which allows you to disable or enable multiple pieces of book information. You can pick according to your preference along with their specific orders. Book Blogger is a perfect Review Plugins for WordPress Website. If you are a book reviewer, you can upgrade this plugin in your software to have a significant impact on your audience with its prebuilt fields for reviews. It fetches data directly from Goodreads and Google books to ensure its users save a lot of time to curate vital information about the books being reviewed. If you are a hardcore book reader, you can review multiple books at one time. Furthermore, you can extend this plugin to use with widgets like a social media follower box. Also, if you like, you can display the books currently being read.


5) Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

This plugin is impeccable for retail digital stores, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality, etc. It allows you to display Yellow Pages reviews on your WordPress website to gain more exposure and credibility in the local market. Yellow Pages Plugin offers you to display up to 3 business reviews along with the business information such as name, website, hours, etc. It also has a premium version with advanced customization features. Using Yellow Review, you can embed the contact info and reviews of users on your WordPress website.


6) WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews

With more than 40,000 installs, WP Customer Reviews plugin enables you to create a particular web-page on your WordPress website to create client testimonials for your online business. This plugin facilitates your audience to leave a review with a few clicks. Thanks to its submission moderation: once the reviews are posted, you can choose which one to keep and which ones to discard.


7) Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials

This plugin offers an extensive list of features to add testimonial to WordPress website that brought up the experience of your online business. Using Easy Testimonial Plugins, users can add reviews to the sidebar as a widget as well as using a shortcode. Along with the testimonial, you can add images of the users, which offers an altogether different experience to your audience.




Irrespective of the offerings on your WordPress website, reviews are essential to showcase authenticity to the internet users reaching your platform. Besides, it makes visitors feel they are part of your website, and they can express their opinions using review section. Adding a Review Plugin to WordPress website keeps your visitors engages and connected to your WordPress website.


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