Track Your Blogging Efforts with WP Word Count

Bloggers who have been writing for awhile eventually wonder just how much time and effort they’ve put into their site. If you are one of those bloggers who use WordPress  you might as well wonder how to get meaningful writing statistics about your content. Getting word count and productivity stats has finally gotten easier thanks to a free plugin called WP Word Count .

WP Word Count offers instant WordPress word count  statistics for every piece of content on your site. It counts words on pages, posts and even custom post types and then displays all of the details on an easy to read dashboard. With the dashboard you are able to see your word count totals quickly in one centralized place without having to load every post in the editor and tracking the word counts manually. The time you save collecting this data alone makes it worth the download.

In addition to the dashboard, WP Word Count provides breakdowns of your writing by month and author. The plugin shows you how many words you’ve written during each month your site has been active and breaks it down by post type and publishing status. The same breakdowns are offered for each author that has contributed writing on your site. This is a great way to see who in your staff has been the most productive if you employ a team of writers.

A premium version of the plugin is available as well. WP Word Count Pro  takes the statistics provided in the free version and expands on them even further. Every month of writing can be viewed in further detail to see days of activity, author contributions and how that month compares to others in which you’ve written content on your site. Similar breakdowns are provided for each individual author on your blog so you can see what content your team has produced, how many words it was, when it was written and how it compares to everyone else who contributes.

The Pro version also comes with a motivational achievement system that tracks writing milestones across individual posts and on your site as a whole. These achievements are a great way to keep yourself interested in continuing to write more and more on your site by giving you a scoring system to monitor your writing progress.

WP Word Count is one of the leading plugins of its type for WordPress with over 3,000 active installations and tens of thousands of download over the course of its development. The Pro version has proven popular with bloggers across a huge variety of websites from traditional personal blogs to large technology sites and more.

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Gayane Mar

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