To Use or Not To Use Image Slider?

Love them or hate them!! Sliders are irresistible part of a website.

Sliders are the conventional way of welcoming a visitor to our website. It plays an important role in displaying videos, images and other information in an effective way. Using the right kind of plugin which can be easily set up and goes well with your website is really difficult to find.  There are number of slider plugins out there in a directory but many of them are really waste of time. It is recommended to study your need whether you really need a slider or not?

Below is the list to be considered before you opt for a slider plugin:

To use or not to use image slider?

Examine your requirements and decide if it is actually needed or not on your website.

While you plan to implement any feature in your website, it is essential to make sure about its impact in terms of conversions, users, SEO etc etc.

Of course, slider enhances your website’s look but it is quite, not a cool thing to implement a slider just because of this reason.

Hence this article is for you to determine the use of perfect slider plugin for a perfect reason. So let’s take a look at some points to be kept in mind before you use slider:

  • Check the usability of that slider.
  • Many sliders are not responsive, so make sure you choose the one which is responsive.
  • Slider settings should have maximum features.

And there are many more to be considered. One of the most used slider these days is Avartan Slider Developed by Solwin Infotech, this slider is robust and useful with lots of features. Here is the list of some features that you will access when you use Avartan Slider:

  • Responsive design
  • Easy to use backend
  • Touch swipe navigation support
  • 25 control navigation styles
  • Video slide support
  • Social sharing buttons layer
  • Post slides
  • Content formatting options (including Google font support)
  • Layers (text, image and media embed)
  • Variety of loaders
  • SEO friendly

Another coolest thing about this slider plugin is that you can integrate it as widget on sidebars of your website. Much like other slider plugins, Avartan slider plugin is secure and optimized slider plugin to use. It is always up-to-date and thoroughly tested.

With all these features there is a paid version of this plugin, where you can unlock some more features. They give round the clock customer support. This slider plugin is just all rounder for developer. Very amazing thing about this slider is that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product.  So this is huge guarantee and confidence must be tried at least once.

We encourage you to give it a try for this plugin on your upcoming project and it will surely enhance the overall design and usability of your website.

So now that, you are determined to use a slider plugin for your next project, then consider Avartan slider plugin.

Gayane Mar

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