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World-wide web provides unlimited number of ways to connect to your targeted audience. If the content on your website is written in English that’s great. Because English is the most spoken language online, with roughly over 26% of share. However, not everyone speaks the same language. The fact that a good chunk of people on the web doesn’t speak your language means you’re missing out on a huge portion of potential site visitors.
Although there is a team of translators who are working on translating WordPress into different languages, the list of the languages it’s available in is not that long though.The good news is that there are some great tools out there that can turn your website into a multilingual platform and help you reach out to every single user on the web.

One such tool is Weglot Translate plugin, which translates you site content into any language and doesn’t require you any coding skills at all. It’s a relatively new plugin, but it has already been downloaded over 80.000 times from the WordPress directory and is actively used on over 8000 websites.

It’s an advanced tool for creating multilingual websites and is distinguished with its ease of use and outstanding features. Moreover, it allows you to easily manage your site content directly from your dashboard, and provides best SEO results by ensuring that every translated page on your site is indexed by Google.Isn’t this cool ? I know it is, so without further ado, let’s have a closer look at Weglot and see what steps you’ll need to take to have Weglot up and running on your site.


Installation and setup of the plugin will take you just a couple of minutes. To do so just go to the WordPress plugin directory, type Weglot in the search box. The results will show two or three options, where the first one is probably going to be Weglot. Go to the plugin page and click on the download button right below the plugin banner. The downloading will start instantly and the last thing you’ll have to do is to upload the zip file to your site from your dashboard and activate it. An alternative way, which is more shorter and straightforward,is to add the plugin directly from your admin area.

It seamlessly integrates with WordPress and is compatible with any theme and plugin. So you’re guaranteed an absolutely smooth plugin performance. Have look at this quick tutorial to get a complete understanding on how you can install Weglot on your WordPress dashboard.


Once you have Weglot activated,you’ll need to go through some simple setup and configuration steps.The plugin asks you for an API key, which you can get by registering as a user on the plugin’s official page.
As soon as you register, your API key will be displayed on the page. Just copy and paste the key to the relevant input field and you’ll be good to go.

Afterwards, you’ll have to configure the plugin settings according to your needs, such as choosing the original language of your site, and destination languages you want your content to be translated in. Weglot offers over 60 available languages, each coming with an individual 2-letter code. You’ll need to provide this two-letter code when setting a destination language. By the way, you can choose more than one destination language.

From the same page you can configure the settings for language button appearance and position, and manage translation exclusions. By default the plugin translates the entire page, but if there are any pages or chunks of a content you don’t want it to translate, you can simply exclude those URLs or content blocks.


To save the configured settings, just click on the Save Changes button at the end of the page. That’s it for configuration.

Now let’s dive deep into the main features of Weglot and see what it’s distinguished for.

Main Weglot Features

The best thing about Weglot is that it automatically detects the original content and provides the best possible machinery translation for it. No manual work!

If, however, you want to edit or replace the translations, you can easily do that from your Weglot account.

Clicking on the Edit my translations from the plugin settings area will redirect you to your account where, you can find a quick overview about your account and translations done so far, either by machines or by humans (more about it later).

The plugin comes with a super intuitive visual editor, which allows you to make changes to the translations while being on your web page and see the changes in real time. You just click on the part of the content you want to edit, and an editing window shows up. Here you can see the text in the original language and the machine translated versions. Select the part you find necessary to edit, make the changes and simply save it.

On your account page you’ll also find list of translations, where you can access all the translated content. This section is searchable and enables you to search for specific words occurring in the translations.


Translation Options

The plugin provides some useful translation options.This is basically a set of exception rules ,that you specify for all the translations done on your website. With its help you can set specific words or expressions to be translated in a certain way. For example you can set to always translate the word “adjust” to “rajuster” if the destination language of your website is French. You can also choose a specific words or expressions to never be translated in a certain way.

These rules will be applied to your translations but won’t change the existing ones.

Professional translations

Weglot comes with an outstanding feature to order professional translations from qualified translators.

To place an order you just have to go to your weglot account, click on the drop down menu,and go to the professional translations section. Then go to the visual editor from your dashboard and start adding sentences or paragraphs to your order.

The translations are done by Textmaster or Gengo professionals at affordable rates and at the shortest periods.Once you place the order the translations will be available within 48-72 hours and will be added right to your website.


The importance of SEO can never be overstressed.Weglot is one those rare translation plugins which is fully SEO optimized, and makes sure your site content is detected and is indexed by search engines.Unlike other translation tools, Weglot translates your content on server side and follows Google’s SEO practices and guidelines to ensure best optimization for your website. It automatically creates dedicated URLs for each translation version, creates and adds href lang tags, and translates SEO tags.


Now we get to the pricing. Weglot is a fremium plugin offering a number of advanced features at affordable prices. It offers a 10 day free trial-period, during which you can test and check whether Weglot fits your needs. At the end of the trial period, you can choose any of the four available plans, one of which is the FREE plan, that you can use completely for free. It also offers Starter, Business and PRO plans , each with its own features and advantages. The plugin has flexible payment options, which allows you to make payments either on a monthly or yearly basis.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an quick and efficient way to turn your website into a multilingual site Weglot is a great option to consider.It comes with a centralized dashboard, a number of advanced features, affordable pricing and has a great support team which is there to provide timely support.

Gayane Mar

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