Why Developing an Amazing WordPress Ecommerce Website is So Simple

WordPress is popular among bloggers and website owners due to its flexibility, lack of a price tag and simplicity, but what makes the CMS so simple to use?
If you know someone that has written a blog at any point in the last 10 years, the chances are they have used WordPress. Originally built for blogging, WordPress has since grown into the most popular web hosting tool on the internet and is used for a variety of different websites – big and small.
Recently, WordPress is also widely used for creating ecommerce websites because of its easy nature, although there are concerns over its adaptability and security.

Why use WordPress?

The beauty of WordPress is that you do not have to be a coding wizard to develop a fully-functional ecommerce website. WordPress is most known for being used by bloggers, although the CMS has been used for developing complete websites for years now.
WordPress accounts for over a quarter (26.4%) of the internet, so it is little wonder why the open-source CMS is looked upon so favourably with Google. Some of the reasons why the use of WordPress is so substantial is because of its simplicity to use, even for those with the most basic of understandings of web development, and the fact it can be used completely free of charge.
If building an ecommerce website will be a solo project, or shared between a small team, it is recommended to use WordPress for its sheer simplicity. There are various walkthroughs available online in the event of becoming stuck or looking to try out a new plugin or theme.

Who uses WordPress?

There are many big name brands using WordPress, such as BBC America, Star Wars and MTV to name a few. Over 60 million websites are hosted on WordPress, and as you can see that is not just limited to bedroom bloggers.
With some of the biggest brands in the world choosing WordPress for their website designs, one could be mistaken for believing that the system is highly exclusive and expensive. This is not the case as WordPress is free to use – there are premium elements, but it is possible to create amazing websites for no cost at all.

Using WordPress for Ecommerce

The first thing that you have to consider before using WordPress for an ecommerce website is that the CMS was never built to for such a purpose. WordPress was designed by volunteers for the intention of blogging – it is simply because of the CMS’ rapid gain in popularity that web designers pushed the boundaries with what is possible.

Another important thing to consider is that due to its popularity, WordPress has always been in the target of internet hackers. WordPress does roll out new updates on a regular basis that helps fight the threat of hackers, but as we all know new methods are devised all the time.
With various ecommerce plugins available to download and easily install, many web developers regard WordPress as the standout tool for ecommerce websites. Millions of bloggers have installed ecommerce plugins on their WordPress websites in order to increase earnings.

Easy PayPal Integration

While many websites rely on expensive payment systems in order to complete purchases, this is not the case with WordPress websites. Although PayPal can be integrated across a wide range of platforms, installing on WordPress is seamless.
Integrating PayPal allows your customers to checkout quicker and easier, even if they do not have a PayPal account. eBay is one of the best examples of websites utilising PayPal, with millions of sellers and buyers making and receiving payments via the system.
With a business account set up directly to your website, payments are made automatically and, best of all, PayPal will email a receipt on your behalf to the customer, so you need not worry having to set up an automatic reply.

Design Agencies using WordPress

If you do not feel comfortable creating a functional ecommerce website with WordPress yourself, there are other options. Various design agencies utilise WordPress in creating websites and offer support to business owners and webmasters.
Calling on the help and services of a design agency, of course, will cost you some money. However, the additional support is something that would be valuable for a small business owner looking to set up an ecommerce website.

When designing a WordPress ecommerce website, there is a lot to consider and there are options available to anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge.
Whether you feel confident about building and maintaining a website on your own, or call on the help of a design team, WordPress is by far and away the most flexible choice you can make.

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