WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan”. The Best WordPress yet !

The final, biggest and long-awaited update of WordPress is here. It comes with a number of new and impressive changes that are going to transform how you work and deal with it. The new update is named after a legendary jazz vocalist Sarah Louis Vaughan , and is available for download at the wordpress.org, or you can simply update your WordPress version from your dashboard.

The new 4.7 version makes the setup of your site super easy, and lets you build it the way you want. Here is what’s new in “Vaughan” .

Let’s start out with Twenty Seventeen

“Vaughan” comes with a brand-new default theme, called “Twenty Seventeen”. While the “Twenty Sixteen” had blogs at its focus, this beautiful theme is built ground up for business websites. It has a sleek design with an emphasis on large images and video headers. The theme provides wide customization options to let you build your site your way, and includes a handful of filters, use of SVG’s for a better accessibility of social icons, front page sections,elegant typography, custom header settings, etc. With all these cool stuff you can fully personalize your website and make it look and feel outstanding.

We can speak how amazing Twenty Seventeen is for hours, but let’s switch to the core WordPress updates and see the goodness that it brings along your way. There are pretty exciting new features for all WordPress users and for developers and designers alike.

Starter Content for Themes

It’s pretty hard for a new user to set up a theme or a site , when there is yet no content there to visualize. It’s difficult to figure out where to start and what to do to get the desired final outcome. The new 4.7 version is here to help you out with that. It comes with the concept of “starter content” , a theme-specific selections of content, which serve as a starting point for the future setup and customization of your theme. It not only helps you to figure out what fits best where, but also saves you a great deal of time.
NOTE: the initial view of the theme with a starter content works only for the new websites, which don’t have any posts, pages, widgets and settings updated.

REST API Content Endpoints

For WordPress 4.7 the API team proposes to merge API endpoints for WordPress content types. These endpoints provide machine-readable external access to your WordPress site with a clear, standards-driven interface, allowing new and innovative apps for interacting with your site. Endpoints support both content elements and management settings, including posts, comments, users, meta. and all of the following:

This merge proposal represents a complete and functional Content API, providing the necessary endpoints for mobile apps and frontends.

Content API endpoints support both public and authenticated access.

Post Type Templates

Apart from custom page templates, WordPress 4.7 now supports post type templates as well. The new version has more flexibility for hierarchy and allows you to create various layouts for specific posts. Once you add a post template,it will automatically appear in the “Post Attributes” meta box in the back end, where you’ll be able to apply the templates to any of your posts.

Video Headers

WordPress 4.7 comes with the support for video headers, kind of decorative elements, which are played automatically and don’t have sound. You can give custom styling to play/pause buttons, modify the button’s’ text, and customize various header elements.

CSS changes in WordPress Customizer

CSS changes with live preview are now at the WordPress core. Which means, you can make changes to your theme’s CSS and instantly see them within the customizer. No more plugins for custom CSS changes, nor more wasted time.
Here is a video showing how the real time CSS editor works.

PDF Support in the Media Library

WordPress 4.7 makes it easier to preview PDF docs in the media library. It generates image representations of the first page of the docs and uses them throughout media library and media attachment screens. If a WP_Image_Editor is available on your theme that supports PDFs, it generates Full size representation, Thumbnail ,Medium, Large images for the preview. The image sizes can be modified and can be disabled entirely.
Enhanced PDF support is provided with WP_Image_Editor_Imagick and requires Imagick, ImageMagick, and Ghostscript support. If not supported WordPress simply saves the attachment without adding image preview to meta.

User Admin Languages and Locale Switching

For a better user experience and greater personalization WordPress 4.7 now allows users to run their websites on their preferred (locale) language. The backend will be displayed in the user’s individual locale , while the front end will use the language set for the whole site. The new API also enables you to send emails in the language of the recipients, allowing you to to switch locales and translations at any point during the page load.

Editor changes

“Vaughan” comes with a handful of noteworthy changes in the editor as well. There is a sligh rearrangement of the buttons in the toolbar for to better access them and to encourage a proper use of the HTML elements.The drop down for the headings is moved to the top row, and buttons for strike-through and horizontal rule have now been moved down. The underline and justify buttons have been removed from the bottom row, but keyboard shortcuts for both will keep working. Keyboard shortcut labels have been added to the tooltips for buttons and inside drop downs.

Customizer Improvements

There are some user and developer-facing changes and improvements in the customizer which deserve special attention. You can now create pages with a live preview during site setup, build a menu before creating content, see which elements of your site are editable in the customizer and how to edit them, make CSS changes with a live preview, add video headers, etc.


If you want to get into the details of new features and improvements of WordPress,I recommend you check out the Field Guide in full. Meantime, I’ll enjoy using “Vaughan”.

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