WordPress Automation: More Tasks in Less Time

WordPress is known to be very user-friendly, but the truth is it requires lots of time to customize it and to have it up and running.Although it comes already feature-packed, we often need some additional functionality to handle various tasks and perform different activities.The thing is sometimes we spend way too much time on customizing and controlling stuff that can be done automatically.
In this post I’m going to suggest 8 WordPress plugins for automating lots of tasks, that will save you a great deal of time. These plugins work out of the box and are sure to enhance your site’s functionality in so many ways.

Mailchimp WD

If you want to easily connect your WordPress website with Mailchimp and create attention grabbing subscription forms in just minutes,Mailchimp WD is a go to tool. It comes with an advanced form editor, which allows you to create and edit your forms with ease and without spending too much time. You can customize the form header, add custom fields to the forms, and use its conditional fields option, to hide or show specific form fields based on the selections your visitors make. The plugin comes with four form display options,each with its own settings that you can fully customize. You can choose the pages forms to show up on, form display time and frequency, and just sit back and relax while you the plugin does its job.




Coschedule is an advanced editorial calendar which allows you to automate all of your content marketing and get your content shared across various social platforms. You can easily plan blog posts and create any type of content, from emails to webinars. Also, it allows you to markup deadlines,share tasks and resources with your team members,to always stay tuned and organized. Coschedule lets you monitor social traffic and see how many times your content has been shared. The plugin integrates with other other tools for editing content, tracking your success, and more.




Social Warfare

Social sharing was never as easy and effortless as it is with Social Warfare plugin. It’s a flexible and fully customizable social sharing plugin, allowing you to share you content the way that you want. You can choose among the top social platforms to share your content on,and select the share button styles, colors, shapes,and location. You can have floating share buttons which would follow your readers up or down the screen as they scroll. The plugin supports share counts, even for the twitter,and makes it easy to create tweetable quotes right inside your posts or pages.The plugin comes with a popular posts widget where you can display your most popular posts based on share counts.





You know how annoying spammy content is, and how much time and efforts it takes to monitor spammers on a website. This where Akismet is an ideal solution and time saver along the way. The best thing about it is that you already have it installed on your WordPress blog, and you just have to activate it. Akismet monitors your site’s comments section and form submissions, and blocks out the spammers right away. Each of the comment has a status history,where the site administrator can see the number of approved or blocked comments for each user.



WordPress Google Analytics

If you want to access all your GA stats and reports directly from your WordPress dashboard, Google Analytics WD plugin is the right plugin for you. No need to switch between your website and your GA account to see the reports. Google Analytics WD comes with a straightforward interface, which makes it quick and easy to go through the reports and analyze your data. It gives you reports about your site performance, audience, traffic sources, user geolocation, and a lot more. You can also check your Adwords, AdSense and Ecommerce sales stats with the plugin, and export the reports to PDF or CSV files. Apart from the built-in reporting types, the plugin allows you to set custom reports for any metric and dimension, and lets you track targeted activities by setting and managing goals. The reports are displayed in colorful charts and are easy to comprehend.



Manage WP

Manage WP is a true life saver if you’re running multiple WordPress websites. It’s a fast and secure dashboard allowing you to manage dozens of websites by automating your workflow. It compiles the data from all your sites in one simple dashboard and allows you to easily access your files and manage your updates.And if you need get to any website admin panel ,it’s just a matter of a click. You can perform bulk actions, such as cleaning spam, running security checks and updates on all of your websites at once. The plugin comes with a client reporting functionality, which allows you to summarise your activities on all websites and send them over to a specific recipient. It also integrates with Google Analytics,comes with an Uptime monitoring functionality, and a bunch of other features.




Theme Check

Theme Check is an advanced plugin which helps you quickly check your theme’s compatibility with the latest WordPress standards. It uses the exact same theme testing tools WordPress uses for approving theme submissions. The tests are run from a centralized dashboard and are displayed at once after they’re finished. This is a quick way to check your site theme for the latest standards and make sure you’re up to date.




Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

YARPP is a great way to display related content to your site visitors. It identifies the related content using an advanced algorithm which takes into account post content, titles, used keywords, tags and categories. The plugin features an advanced templating system , giving you control on how your content will be displayed. Also,you can choose from thumbnail or list view options.

Here you have them. 8 WordPress plugins that will bring advanced features to your site and help you save a lot of time.

Gayane Mar

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