WordPress Google Analytics WD Review

When it comes to tracking website traffic and performance the most possible solution that you’ll end up choosing with is Google Analytics. It’s the most advanced and complete tracking service offered by Google that tracks and reports every single click and interaction on your website.

WordPress Google Analytics WD plugin is the official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program and is the best choice you can make if you want to check your GA stats from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. It provides an easy access to your website statistics and comes with some additional tracking and reporting settings to let you get the most out of your stats.

Below I will walk you through some steps needed to have the WordPress Google Analytics WD plugin up and running on your website, and will also give you a closer look at all of its essential features and functionalities.

Setting Up Google Analytics WD

What you’ll first have to do is to head over to wordpress.org and download the FREE version of the plugin . The FREE version is pretty awesome and feature-rich but for some additional functionalities you’ll have to upgrade the plugin to PRO.

So, once you’ve installed the plugin on your website it’ll ask you for account authentication. Basically, it asks you for a permission to connect to your Google Analytics account. You just have to copy the authentication code and paste it in the relevant input field.



After account authentication the plugin will take you to the plugin’s tracking page, where you’ll find all the tracking settings, including role and user exclusions. You can enable to anonymize the IP addresses, to track file downloads and mailing links, enable enhanced link attribution and outbound clicks tracking.
From the same page you can also enable the tracking of custom dimensions and get statistics reports for logged in users, post types, tags and categories, authors, and publications based on specific month or year.



Under the overview section you’ll find a short and sweet overview of your website’s real time visitors, audience, new and returning visitors, sessions and user geolocations.


Data Filtering

To make sure the reports come with an accurate information, Google Analytics WD allows you to exclude the unwanted data from reports. As mentioned above you can exclude specific users and roles from the tracking. Other than that, you can also filter out traffic from specific IP addresses, countries, cities, and region.



Google Analytics WD is distinguished with its comprehensive, detailed and easy to figure out report types. Under this section you’ll find reports on your website audience, which provide detailed stats on new and returning users of your website, sessions, bounces, pageviews, page/sessions and session durations.Also, you can view reports based on the visitor demographics, interests, geolocation, behavior, technology, etc. If your website is registered on Google AdWords or you have an AdSense account, you can link them to your Google Analytics from the plugin admin settings and keep the track of the relevant data. The plugin supports Ecommerce tracking, and gives you sales statistics by revenues, transactions, products and performance.

Moreover, you can compare the reports of different periods with each other. The reports are presented in colorful and comprehensive charts, which you can export to various file formats and also email to multiple recipients.


Custom reports

Other than the report types that the plugin provides, it also allows you to set custom reports on any metric and dimension, and access them on the plugin’s report page. For instance, you can set “time on page” as a metric and “gender” as a dimension and track whether it’s the males or females that intearct longer on your website.

Goal Management

Google Analytics WD comes with an outstanding goal management functionality. You can easily set and manage various goals and measure how well your website fulfills the activities you target.Basically, it allows you to keep the track of what’s critical to your website success. So to set a goal, you have to give it a name, choose its type, whether it’s a destination, duration or a page/screen view per session, and select the relevant settings for it. For example you can set visiting a particular page a goal and get notified whenever someone visits it.

Alerts and Pushover notifications

Alerts and Pushover notifications aim to let you informed about the ups and downs in sessions, users, bounces or session durations on your website.Based on the conditions you specify, the notifications can be sent daily, weekly or monthly. Make sure to provide an email address, in case you are setting up Alerts, or your User Key, if you’d like the notifications to be sent via Pushover.
WordPress Google Analytics WD plugin is the most advanced, simple and user-friendly Google Analytics plugin available so far. It does a great job in providing you with the valid statistical data, right from the WordPress dashboard. To get to know more about Google Analytics WD, I suggest you check up the plugin demo and have a look at the plugin’s user guide.

Gayane Mar

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