WordPress MailChimp WD: Easy and Seamless Integration with MailChimp

MailChimp WD offers an easy way to integrate your WordPress website with MailChimp service and lets you manage your email listings, subscription forms and submissions directly from your dashboard. It’s a user-friendly, comprehensive and a super functional WordPress plugin with a wide range of customization options, unique features,seamless integration and outstanding flexibility. The plugin makes it easy to connect to your MailChimp account and gives you full control over your forms and listings. It allows you to create responsive subscription forms with a number of form fields, including PayPal, file upload, survey tools, three types of captcha protection,etc, and has your MailChimp lists ready to quickly connect them to the forms.

The plugin comes in FREE and PRO versions. The FREE version provides a multitude of form and list management options,including MailChimp list integration and management, customizable messages, actions after subscriptions, mobile friendly form designs,conditional fields,etc. However, if you’re looking for multiple display options, customizable form themes, custom form fields, possibility to customize the form header, PayPal integration and more, you’ll have to switch to the PRO version. Both of the versions offer great ways and practices to contribute a great deal to your email marketing efforts.

Let’s have a closer look at each of the versions and see what features and functionalities they have to offer.

FREE Version

Features of MailChimp WD plugin

  • Unlimited opt-in and opt-out forms
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • MailChimp list integration and management
  • Captcha fields
  • Conditional formatting
  • Actions after submissions
  • Customizable messages after submission
  • Submissions management
  • Submissions export (CSV and XML)
  • MailChimp lists export (CSV)
  • Custom CSS theme
  • Drag & Drop
  • Block/Unblock IP addresses

With the Free version of the plugin you can create unlimited opt-in and opt-out email subscription forms with mobile friendly design and custom styling features. Email lists are possible to integrate and manage directly from your WordPress dashboard, with the option to export them to CSV files.

You can create highly customizable forms for each of your email lists, and there are pretty much many ways you can extend the forms. Apart from the fields you initially added to the given list in your MailChimp account, you can add more fields that you need. However to add new fields you will need to create those fields in MailChimp first. As you add new fields from your account they will automatically get available in your lists on your website dashboard. You can easily move the fields up and down with drag and drop functionality.
You can create forms for your users to subscribe or unsubscribe to your emails, newsletters,or whatever it is, or let them choose the actions themselves. You can also add custom fields to the forms, but this is a PRO option, so more about it later.
MailChimp WD is distinguished with the number of its placement options. The Free version, however, only allows you to embed the forms to anywhere on your website with the shortcode.

Form Options

There are many form options and settings that you can adjust to your needs directly from the plugin’s page. Those are forms’ general options,MailChimp options,custom email and PayPal options, settings for custom messages and conditional fields. The latter is an outstanding feature in the FREE version,which allows you to show/hide the forms fields to your visitors based on the selections they make. The conditions you can set are plenty. For example you can choose to display the “First name” field to the users from certain locations or cities,or display email address field to the users who select USA as their country. This is a very good feature, which will allow you to avoid gathering the info you don’t really need.


The plugin has a very straightforward submissions section, where you can view all the submitted forms. It gives you detailed information about the submission date,submitter username, email address, IP-based geolocation, etc. You can download full record of form submissions using Export to XML or CSV buttons.The submissions section is searchable and enables you to filter submissions by the entered values, submission ID, submitter’s IP and submission date.The plugin also gives you statistical data about form submissions, such as the number of entries,views, and the conversion rate in percentage.
To help you save time and quickly check your submissions for specific values MailChimp WD allows you to customize the view of entries,by temporarily hiding the form fields you don’t need.
If you notice certain IP addresses sending spam through forms you can block the out by using its Blocking IPs feature. You can unblock them afterwards at any time.

Mailchimp WD PRO

  • 13 customizable themes
  • Display options (Popup, Toolbar, Scrollbar)
  • Custom Fields
  • Customizable form header
  • Custom Emails


MailChimp WD PRO comes with 13 fully customizable form themes, that you can customize to give a distinct style and design to the forms. All the parametres of the themes are customizable and there is also an option to add custom CSS for additional styling features. You can have your own header text on the forms, custom background colors, content, button styles and hover colors, pagination preferences, single choice and multiple choice input parameters, etc. The best thing is that all the changes you make to the themes are instantly displayed next to theme options.

I want to get your attention to the form header options. With the available options you can customize the header section of the forms and give them a personal look and feel. You can upload images to the header, set background color, set titles, choose text fonts and colors, etc.

With the FREE version of the plugin there is a single form theme available, which can be edited with custom CSS only.

Display Options

There are some additional display options in the PRO version of MailChimp WD: popup, top bar, scrollbox. Each of the display options comes with its own set of settings, which you can adjust to your needs.
For the popup display you can choose over 35 animation effects, specify the frequency of the popup,the time when it will popup, choose whether or not to show the popup on mobile devices and choose the pages, posts and categories you want  it to appear.

For the topbar display option you have to choose whether to show the form on the top or bottom of the page,or whether it remains fixed when users keep scrolling up or down. You can also define the frequency of the form display,which lets you specify the period after which the form will be again displayed to the visitors who have closed the popup or already subscribed to the list. Other its options are the same as for the popup display.
The scrollbar  comes with some additional options for the position, text minimization, trigger point specification, auto hide, and other options which are the same for topbars and popups.

Custom fields

Mailchimp WD PRO allows you to add custom fields to the forms and significantly extend their functionality. The fields you can choose from are numerous, including textareas, custom HTML, section break, PayPal integration,several survey tools, captcha and many more. Each of the fields has its individual options and setting that you can adjust to your needs.

Email Options

The Free version of the plugin uses Mailchimp’s global email options. For more advanced emailing functionality Mailchimp WD PRO offers additional email options where you can apply custom changes preserving the initial data of the list. Depending on the action set you choose (subscribe/unsubscribe) you can customize the options for emails that are send to users and administrator. For example, when sending emails from your site dashboard to a particular list you can preserve its data, such as list name, list id, list subject, list owner email address, “email from” and “from name” data .

MailChimp WD comes with detailed user guide and provides professional customer support to all its users. If you want to have a look on form types and its features in use check out plugin demo.



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