WordPress Plugins With the Most Extraordinary Names

wordpress-multisitioWordPress directory is huge. And if you follow the emergence of new products in the directory, you’ll definitely notice that it gets updated with new products almost every day. The products come from different developers,companies, and with the intention to serve a specific purpose or audience.

They also vary in quality, functionality, purpose and, of course, names.

When searching the directory for plugins I’ve always come across the ones with extraordinary, fun and even weird names. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are of poor quality or can’t be useful.

That’s true. Plugins with fun names have my attention at hello.

I’ve always thought to write down the names of such plugins and make a fun collection to introduce them to you, and here you go. I scanned the directory of popular plugins from top to bottom to make a collection of WordPress plugins with the most extraordinary, fun and weird names. So, let’s get down to the list.

Peanut Butter Bar


I couldn’t resist starting the list with the plugin called Peanut Butter. No, seriously. I’ve happen to hit plugins named as wizards, monsters, guards, but peanut butter ?Actually, it doesn’t have anything to do with a peanut butter at all.It is a plugin which helps you to attach sticky bars to the top of your website and make them visible to your visitors, no matter how far they scroll. By the way, the FREE version of the plugin is called Smooth Peanut Butter, the PRO version is called Crunchy Peanut Butter. The latter has multiple bars and enables you to pin the bars to specific posts and pages. All the peanut butter lovers make sure to check it out.

Footer Putter

footer putter plugin

Though it comes 2nd in the list, Footer Putter plugin is actually a cool and popular plugin, with an active installs over 20.000. With this plugin you can enhance the functionality of the footer of your website with much useful features. You can insert links to Contacts, Privacy,Terms and Conditions pages, include a copyright statement with an automatic update of the year, and, of course, provide your phone number, email or postal addresses. It also allows you to add widgets to the footer of your website with visibility control.

Antispam Bee


Are bees supposed to fight spam or make honey ? Well, it seems that they are doing fine in both. Antispam Bee is a comment filtering WordPress plugin, which blocks spam in your comments section. It searches, scans, block and clears spam , and reports you the statistics in your dashboard. It is trusted with over 200.000 users and is worth giving a try.

Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking


Can you imagine a crazy egg tracking what people do on your website? Doesn’t it sound ridiculous ? Well, don’t hurry to laugh. Because Crazyegg plugin is really good at showing you what’s happening on your website. Once installed, it enables you to see where your visitors come from, what do they click on, where do they scroll or stop. On top of that, you can see what works on your website and what needs improvement .

Easy Pie Maintenance Mode


I don’t really know what does a pie have to do with telling people that the website is under construction, but in fact it has. Easy Pie Maintenance Mode plugin uses four responsive themes to let your visitors know that your website is at maintenance mode. You can also create your own mini themes and add your logo to any of them. It also supports custom CSS to enable you to customize the themes according to your needs.The plugin comes with pre-styled title, header, headline and message texts.

Page Builder Sandwich


Down to pies, peanut butters and crazy eggs, now we get to a sandwich. A Page Builder Sandwich! It’s a drag and drop frontend page builder , which helps you to design the pages on your website without touching a single code. All you need to have is imagination and creativity.

You can give the pages the look you want with just dragging and dropping the elements over the page. If something doesn’t seem to look good, you can easily undo the changes you’ve made. Embedding media is also a matter of a click. You just have to paste the URL and you’re done.



HungryFeed plugin doesn’t have to do anything with hunger. It’s an easy to use plugin which enables you to embed RSS feeds to any of the posts and pages or sidebars on your website with the provided shortcode. The plugin allows you to filter and format the feeds using a number of different parameters. You can also filter the items in the feeds using keywords and set feed pagination.

A plugin doesn’t need a serious name to get popular or to earn trust. As you see from the list, these plugins with extraordinary names still have cool features and you can find some of them under popular plugins in the WordPress directory.
This was my collection of WordPress plugins with fun names, that also offer great features and functionalities worth giving a try. You can also check out 12 Unusual and Fun WordPress plugins You’ve Never Heard about, if you liked the idea of unusual plugins.

Gayane Mar

Gayane Mar is the founder of WPCapitan.com, a WordPress enthusiast and blogger. She is a contributing author to a plenty of well known WordPress related blogs and enjoys sharing her experience and expertise to help people with WordPress. WPCapitan focuses on all things WordPress, how-tos,reviews and plugins, news and more.