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WordPress is a pretty powerful and secure platform itself, but, you know, unexpected errors and problems are part of our life.During the thirteen years of its existence WordPress has undergone major changes in terms of its performance and functionality, but things still go wrong sometimes. And the thing is that, not all the WordPress users are code geeks (me, for instance) and hitting an error would really mean a heart attack to me. The good thing, however, is that if there is a problem there is a probable solution for it out there. And let me tell you what, you can find the quickest and guaranteed solution to any WordPress related problem from the guys from WpDart WordPress Fix service.

If you ever encounter any problem or malware on your WordPress website WpDart is the solution you can count on. WpDart’s mission is to make sure your WordPress powered website runs smoothly and works flawless, by providing a wide range of WordPress support services. Anything from WordPress installation to any malware removal,WordPress migration, seriously slowed down systems,  WpDart does it all and does at its best. No contracts, no additional wasted time! Immediate support at your hands.


So, let’s dive deep into the services that WpDart experts provide and see what you’re getting once you turn to WpDart for help.

WordPress Fix

With just a simple click of ordering a support you can submit any WordPress related issue for an immediate fix. Normally, the issues are fixed within 24 hours, but sometimes they can take a little bit longer depending on the nature of the problem. To fix the problems occurred on your WordPress website you have to provide the necessary information to get the access to your site. Some of the issues may require only WordPress Admin access, others may need WordPress Admin, Hosting Panel and FTP access .

Here are some of the typical issues that can get fixed with the WordPress Fix service.

  • WordPress platform related errors
  • WordPress plugin errors/conflicts
  • WordPress theme errors
  • CSS or Layout issues

The service costs $35.

WordPress Speed Up Service

Website loading speed is crucial. So, if you feel like your website speed leaves much to desire, experts at WpDart are there to overhaul the ins and outs of your website and take its performance to the next level. WordPress Speed Up Service aims to deliver a speedy website, provide seamless user experience, supercharge SEO practices, which altogether will lead to the increase in customer conversions. Find below what the service involves.

  • Premium Cache Plugin Install and Setup
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup
  • Image Optimization
  • Minify CSS and Javascripts
  • Browser Caching
  • Compression
  • Comparing before and after performance metrics

The service costs $80. It may sound a little bit pricey at first, but if you take into account all the benefits your website will get, it’s quite a reasonable price to pay for.

WordPress Migration Service

Experts at WpDart are really good at WordPress transferring services of any kind, and are there to help you to move your site to a new domain or hosting server. They promise to transfer your website within 3 business days after they get your login credentials.

Here is what included in the service

  • Backup Of your files and database
  • Setup and configuration of the new server
  • Transfer of files and database to the new server
  • Point your domain to the new server

The hassle free WordPress migration will cost you $100. ‘

WordPress Malware Removal Service

The fact that WordPress is the most widely used CMS is oftentimes the reason why WordPress powered websites are at the risk of hackings and other malware attacks. If for any reason your website has been hacked or infected with a malware, you know at WpDart there is a quick cure for it. Its Malware Removal Service analyzes and cleans up your website from all the malicious script found on it, and makes sure you regain the control over your website.

The service includes:

  • Regain control of your site
  • Complete inspection of all your website files for any malicious script
  • Removal of all malicious code and files found on your site
  • Appropriate permissions set on your server’s directories and files.

The best news is that you can now order the WordPress Malware Removal Service for only $98 instead of the previous $200. It’s a great price to pay to get your website up and running after an attack.

WordPress Comprehensive Installation

WpDart will also help you to put the right foot forward when it comes to launching your WordPress blog or website. It can help you with the WordPress installation with the two services offered: Basic WordPress Installation Service and WordPress Comprehensive Installation. For the first one what you’ll get is the proper WordPress installation and setup with the essential plugins and a theme of your choice. The service is the quickest way to have your WordPress powered site up and running and will cost you only $25. A great deal, isn’t it ?

WordPress Comprehensive Installation & setup service is a whole package of services that aim to equip you website with the necessary functionality, features, security protection, SEO configurations, etc.

The service will cost you $150 and here is what you’ll get after ordering it:

  • WordPress installation and setup with database and domain on hosting provider of your choice
  • Professionally Designed Theme. – There are hundreds of themes available in the market but WpDart will include one premium theme from our partners at no cost to you
  • Essential Website Pages – About, Contact Us pages
  • Social Media Widgets – up to 3 on your website
  • WordPress SEO plugins configuration – to make your website more visible online
  • Google Analytics – know what’s popular on your site and who your visitors are

WordPress Monthly Plans

Apart from the services mentioned above, guys at WpDart also offer monthly WordPress maintenance support at reasonable prices. They will take care of the daily and weekly backups of your website data, make sure your website is safe and secure, monitor and diagnose any malware, provide WordPress updates and regular database optimization.

It currently offers 4 types of maintenance plans. Find the pricing and the services for each plan below.


WpDart is backed by a team of WordPress professionals who know this super powerful CMS inside out. They are ready to provide the WordPress support your website needs and make sure you enjoy every moment you blog with WordPress.Their website has a very interesting blog where you can find useful information on the variety of WordPress related topics.

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