WordPress Tools to supercharge your business website

Best WordPress Tools to Supercharge Your Business Website

Building a business website is difficult, its maintenance, however, is tougher. With the fast growing digital world you have to keep your eye on the latest online trends and product releases to have your website function and look up to date.

Fortunately, there is no shortage for WordPress tools, and you can find a plenty of good ones targeting corporate and business websites. They are developed to bring various features and functionalities to your website, that you and your visitors will equally benefit from. With the right set of tools you can significantly improve your website, better serve your customers, and grow your business along the way. (more…)


8 Newly Launched WordPress Plugins Worth Giving a Try

With more than 45,000 available plugins out there, WordPress.org is the largest source of extensions for WordPress powered websites. And the coolest part of it ,is that it still continues to grow, getting updated with dozens of new ones every day. It doesn’t matter what feature or functionality you are looking for, the chances are tons of great plugins are available, with lots of updated versions,positive reviews and high ratings.

This post is, however, not about those early released plugins that have already earned popularity and trust of thousands of users. This post is about the latest ones, that have been added to the directory not that long ago.Though new, these plugins also offer great functionality, quality, and are sure to add value to your website. (more…)

5 social media plugins

5 Best Social Media WordPress Plugins

Is there a better way to attract to and engage visitors on your website than social media ? Well, probably no.With such a huge number of social media users there is a great possibility that most of your targeted niche readers are online and have accounts on at least some of the major ones. (more…)

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How To Customize WordPress Dashboard Admin Using Plugins

The WP Admin Area is the central location where you can find all the configuration and settings available on the platform. It allows you to install plugins and themes, publish content, backup files, import/export, and much more. In fact, several plugins in the WP plugin library are solely designed for customizing the Admin Area. In this blog, I will talk about two most popular plugins that offer a myriad of features and allow you to customize the Admin Area to your liking. (more…)

WordPress Tools for Starting a Photography Website

Websites featuring lots of images and visual content are perhaps the most appealing ones. That’s reasonable, because images and other visuals tend to attract a lot of attention.

While It’s true that websites with visuals are doing great in attracting visitors, there are also  several issues to consider for their smooth operation.Loading speed, viewing experience and content organization are some of the challenges that you may face. To overcome this challenges and built a speedy, eye-catchy, and powerful website, photographers need to use some WordPress tools developed to make their websites  better. (more…)

how to make your business website better

How to Make Your Business Website Better

The internet has proved to be a powerful way for business, service or product promotion. Moreover, there seems to be no other means, that would help you reach out your potential customers easy and effectively at the same time. So, if you own a business or just about to start it soon, your website will be one of your most valuable investments. (more…)

6 essential WordPress plugins

6 Essential Plugins to Start Your WordPress Blog

Down the path of starting a blog ? Perfect ! That’s a great way to express yourself, share your expertise or thoughts with readers (like me and you),help others, establish an online identity, build network and connections, maintain and promote business, etc.

The list of the purposes why people start blogging will be hard to complete, as the driving force behind every blogger would probably be different. No matter what the purpose or intention is, the truth is, you’ll have to start somewhere. And though it’s easy to start you just can’t build a compelling and popular blog overnight. (more…)

Portfolio Gallery theme

5 Stunning Portfolio Themes for Photographers

Pictures and images seem to be the new obsession for our digital generation. That’s true. All of us love them.They help to capture the best moments, save our memories, convey emotions and remind us of some points of our lives. This is the reason behind the widespread popularity of online portfolios, where photographers, artists, designers or anyone passionate about photography can showcase the collection of their works or share the best captured moments. (more…)